Rodri to Barca B?


The year is 2018. Barcelona has just won the Champions League final on an incredible goal from Rodri, in the process clinching the treble and ending a 4-year title drought in which they only won 3 La Liga titles and 2 Copa del Reys. Fans are in a joyous delirium of happiness, Las Ramblas is colored Blaugrana once again. In the US, English-speaking Barcelona blogs are full of comments with more exclamation points than words–it’s a truly wonderful moment to be a fan. Amidst the excitement and celebration, a new thread of conversation emerges:

Barcafan2000: Why on earth did Sevilla let Rodri go? He’s a gem!

MessiLuvr: I know! Sevilla have completely lost their ability to identify talented players if they didn’t see what Pep did; Rodri’s lethal in front of goal and an incredible player!

Barcafan2000: I sure wish Sevilla would return to their old heights; remember when they were really good? Now they can’t even see great players coming up through their ranks!

DaniFever: Yeah, I remember when they were good! I don’t know what happened to them. They used to produce so many good players for us, but I look at their team now and I can’t think of anyone I’d want to sign!

MessiLuvr: Anyone remember what we paid for Rodri? Can’t have been much; he’d barely played for the first team when we signed him. What a great eye for talent that Pep has!!!

Barcafan2000: Yeah, it was barely anything. Barca is so good at developing talent in-house and only buying players on the cheap.

Tiago4ever: Wait, I thought Rodri was from Barca B? BARCA DNA WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

SevillistaHastaLaMuerte: Actually, I’m sure Sevilla would’ve loved to keep him; their financial reality meant they couldn’t afford to keep a player of his talent and potential. He simply cost too much to develop for a team in Sevilla’s place, losing so much of the league’s TV revenue to Barca and RM. For Barcelona and the riches they amass (and debt they are comfortable accumulating), purchasing Rodri was a great move even if he never put on a Barca jersey–he sure as hell wasn’t scoring goals on Barcelona from the bench. As a matter of fact, 2011 was the first time Sevilla had to start selling players out of their cantera (instead of developing them into more valuable commodities in the first team) because of the financial impossibility of life in La Liga. Congrats on your title, though!

MessiLuvr: …

Barcafan2000: Um…Barca! CAMPEONS!!!

Tiago4ever: BARCA DNA!!!!