River Plate – Sevilla: Match Comments

I’m not going to do this preview justice.  I know that our beloved Sevilla have gone down to Argentina as the winners of the Europa to take on River Plate, winners of the South American cup in pursuit of the illustrious “Supercopa Euroamericana”.  Is this trophy totally meaningless?  Yes.  But is it a cool opportunity for our team to play on a world stage of some sort?  Yes.  Is it a chance to grow the club’s image in a region where it could use expansion?  Yes.  Will we get a chance to see some players we don’t normally see or who have otherwise had limited opportunities to see the pitch?  Yes.

Obviously, we don’t have any of our internationals available today, and with Cristoforo out as well, we are missing ten players.  Even still, we could field a pretty competitive squad.

Hopefully we have a fun game and win 7-0.  Vamos!!!