Real Sociedad v Sevilla: Match Comments

Well, sounds like our midweek visit to Madrid didn’t exactly inspire.  But I think that going into this, many of us (or at least myself) had this match versus a very in form Sociedad side as perhaps the most important of the four.  Sociedad is in 5th and just a handful of points behind us.  They aim to challenge for that fourth spot until the bitter end and don’t have Champions League to worry about.

Away matches against Sociedad are never easy, and I think any positive result would be great here.  Hopefully Vietto and Ben Yedder will be fresh, lively, and ready to pile up goals.  And since, even the guys who were fielded seemed to take the game off, hopefully we’ll come out firing.

I unfortunately can’t watch but will be looking forward to your comments to relive our glorious away win and return to the beautiful game.


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  1. First of all,happy new year to all Monchismen.Health and peace.
    I dont give a damm about the cup too,but somehow these two games are connected.We cant loose heavy,it will affect us for the next game,that’s for sure..Sampaoli knows that,i believe,so i wont expect a heavy rotation,althought i’d like one.I am curious how Zidane will handle this.He knows also that a win here on the league is a big step for title.
    That game for the game,the 3-0,maybe can be the most crucial of the season:why?because,if,IF,we beat them on Sunday,we will have the League and C.L to focus,while Real,Barca,Atletico will kill eachother also in the cup.Remeber Atletico’s big year,they were out of the cup also.
    I agree with Rene,i dont see it coming this year,but as long we are close,we build confidence,and also when you look up,you grow the difference with the others down..that’s happend in 2006,noone thought about C.L spot until the very last 4 games.It will happen this year also..Interesting game tonight at Madrigal.I have a voice that Barca will pass easily,but lets see.In this case will be +7 from spot 5 already.
    Finally,i agree with coach about Kioytake.I dont see him like capable to play in highest level,after all,come on,a Japanese player?:)

    1. Don’t underestimate the Japanese Josele…. have you seen Kashima playing in the Fifa Club World Cup? They were schooling all the teams and played 4 matches in 10 days or so, but then RM came and robbed them as always when they need it. It was a pity because they were such a fun team to watch, quite some talent and interesting tactics with a very open play.

      I think Kiyotake could’ve been at least a sub here… but Sampaoli clearly didn’t favor him and when someone like Kranevitter gets more minutes than you… it is fair for a player to request a departure.

    2. Post

      thank you shendm for refuting this absurdity best that a japanese player cant do well. im assuming it was just a joke. id love for us to have shinji kagawa (dortmund).

      kiyotake performed very well with every opportunity he was given. if there is any japanese factor here, it sounds like it may have been a language barrier. but that was never evident to me when i saw him play (and play very well) on the pitch.

      1. The two things weighing against Kiyotake are that he was a Monchi signing, not a Sampaoli signing, and he takes up one of the 3 non-Euro spots, which is conflicts with Sampaoli’s goal of signing all of the Argentineans.

      2. Yeah perhaps it was a stereotypical joke but nonetheless, there are quite some decent Japanese players playing in top teams. Honda, Nagatomo, Kagawa… Kagawa is most likely in top 15-20 of the best midfielders in Europe.

        Also agreed with Jolazo… he was a Monchi signing with Emery’s agreement, therefore, not suitable for Sampaoli’s Argentina B team. :p

        He was a hard worker though, and always ran more than Ganso and Kranevitter combined… so he deserved more minutes. Anyway, let’s hope the spot will be filled with quality rather than quantity this time.

  2. Jovetic very close to officially being our player, at least till the end of the season. There will be a purchasing option, but not mandatory, rather based on player’s performances, which is way better and this was the only thing halting the loan as Inter wanted to make the purchase option as mandatory.

    With Jovetic and Ben Yedder in top form, adding to that Vietto, Vitolo, Nasri etc. who can all contribute to the attacking part, we are quite set up there.

    Monchi said that the deal for Vangioni is nowhere near to be closed… not sure why that is so, as we definitely need a LB backup for Escudero. Meanwhile, we are also after another CB with Rodrigo Ely and Mamadou Sakho linked to us. Rodrigo Caio is also linked… so let’s see who we end up signing till the end of the window.

    According to Monchi, we will not go after Parejo anymore… as Valencia doesn’t want to sell him to “direct” rivals and Monchi respects that…. although that doesn’t make much sense nowadays since Valencia is fighting for survival down the bottom of the league.

    Anyway… besides Torreiro, not a single other player linked for the DM role, which we urgently need. Curious to see what happens till the end of January, but what is known as up to now, the second signing after Lenglet will be Jovetic, and that’s quite a good addition to be honest.

  3. More Monchi to Roma rumors abound today. Latest is he leaves for Roma in Feb and Roma would pay the 5 million buyout. I’m not so sure these are true and it goes against Monchi’s desires to “rest.” I guess rest comes much easier if the bank account is huge.