Real Madrid – Sevilla Match Comments

Ah, the final stretch of the season: points get tighter, stakes are higher, important games are played simultaneously…and those games somehow always manage to be played while I’m celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom. Sigh, c’est la vie.


A couple months ago, this game was going to be a crucial, title-deciding game, the head-to-head possibly being decisive at season’s end in determining the eventual champion. A month ago, it suddenly looked a lot less exciting, as Sevilla was far adrift of both the hunt for first, and safely distant from a challenge for the last Champion’s League spot. Well, the game is exciting again, for the less-than-great reason that Villarreal is now two games from 4th with two games to go. Sampaoli’s ability to make Sevilla into a thrilling team continues to impress.


As part of the run-up to the game, Aaron sat down with the fine folks at Managing Madrid for a pre-match discussion. That chat has some nice insights (the impact of Sarabia’s absence on Aaron’s perspective in particular is telling!) and should get you in the mood for what should be an engrossing match: two teams with accomplished attacking styles, both needing points to achieve their respective end of season goals, and a strong history of exciting (if contentious) matches in recent years.


I’d be looking forward to watching it all if I weren’t planning to be eating lunch with my mom and very subtly checking the score under the table. Hopefully you’ll be able to see more of it than me, and share your thoughts with the commentariat here! Vamos!!!

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  1. Another trip to the Bernabéu with us missing key players. I can easily remember the 4-0 spanking last year when we were without any attacking talent bar Gameiro (who missed a pen.) This time, it’s the defensive end that’s missing out. I think Escudero being out is the final blow to any of our chances. I feel most sorry for Sarabia, who’s had a great season, and was visibly upset when he picked up that yellow card last week. He deserved to showcase his talent in such a big game (and with him previously playing with Getafe.)

    For the players who have been called up, I’m mostly just looking forward to what Correa brings this time around. We’ve looked lethargic going forward in recent games, so i’m not so hopeful in any shock happening. Unless Samps gets a bit creative, we’ll prolly see Krane get yet another start with Iborra & Nasri being out. I say he should get them to play an organized game like they did in Turin for that 0-0. He’s rarely gone back to that back-3 / back-5 where we’ve seen some of our finest performances. We have to try to frustrate this Madrid side.

    I’d love to see them lineup like this:

    I’ll take an unfit Carriço over Kranevitter any day. Also, the fullback position will be tricky, cause Mercado hasn’t impressed recently either. Regardless though, like Aaron, my prediction for this is 3-0. Not really in the same way we got rocked against Barça, but along the same lines of our usual selves conceding stupid goals. And that’s without mentioning what the ref will have planned. These refs always manage to save their “best” for a match at the Bernabéu.

  2. 3 CB’s and 3 DM’s, but no natural full backs (Vitolo and Correa on the sides) interesting.

    I will watch this without any emotion, but still hoping that it won’t be ruined by some unscrupulous referee. Also, RM has the “ability” (read ‘luck’) to win matches and even humiliate opponents without playing one bit of decent football. Therefore, all I’m fearing is a pathetic loss, like we suffered many times this season, or a pathetic humiliation, the ones that only RM can deliver, and it feels disgusting and undeserved.

    Anyway, a point would see us secure the 4th once and for all… or we will have to finish business vs. Osasuna next week.


  3. Worried about this game, not scared of losing but worried about the way we might lose, with some sort of capitulation, today needs the 4-6-0 formation and then maybe we could at least bore the crowd to death.

  4. Vasquez got problems in the warm up, hence MKD, who has played well, nice distribution.

    Sevilla have played really well in the first half, five shots on target including two posts and three saves, better than Madrid in the creation but its 2-0 to the arseholes.

  5. The first goal describes RM’s season so far, which is: cheating, luck and ugly play.

    Kranevitter at fault for the second goal. The fucking idiot is so clumsy, that he deserves the title of the worst ever player to have worn Sevilla’s shirt, hands down. Sure there have been worse players with lower minutes, but he had countless opportunities to prove his worth and never did. He even started in many important matches, always failed to impress. Him and Atletico should be financially fined for providing us with a player that cost us more than 5 goals this season and many points alongside that also.

    MKD not 100% obviously, also not sure why he was fielded in such match, Osasuna would’ve been more suitable perhaps, but I’ve missed him and he was showing some glimpses of brilliance towards the middle and the ending of the first half.

    Correa was extremely selfish in some occasions there, and Jovetic couldn’t score to save his life. Keylor is having the game of his career so far with those saves, but nonetheless, the fault is at Jovetic for not being clinical in those cases. I’d want to bet WBY would score at least one of those.

    The defense is extremely pathetic. If Villarreal wins tonight, I will be heavily fearing the last match vs. Osasuna. All it takes for an opponent of this Sevilla is that they try to score… that’s enough for us to succumb to the attack of the opponents and concede goals, many of which were definitely some of the most meaningless and pathetic goals in Sevilla’s history that we have witnessed.

    Will not even try to blame Sampaoli, because it doesn’t make sense to blame an interim coach who is already a part of Argentina NT and is just managing us temporarily until the end of the season. To be brutally honest, I’d rather have the coach of Sevilla Atletico take us over at least for the last match, and fire the crazy little bald man already, he clearly doesn’t give 2 craps for this team, arguably for a long time now.

  6. First off, it was nice to see Krohn-Dehli get to start in such a big game. He’s been tidy, and working hard midfield. He’s still his usual slow self though.

    About the game, well, it was a BS of a 1st goal. How Mallenco allows that, i have no idea. Only Real Madrid gets away with that shit. Then Kranevitter loses the ball and we concede again. Didn’t see that coming.

    Jovetic has been great; shows why he’s a deserved starter. If only Correa was less selfish, we’d have a pretty dangerous front-3 to start the 2nd half, cause Vitolo’s been causing some havoc himself. Just please, can we bring Montoya to replace Krane in midfield? And while we’re in Madrid, just drop him off at the Calderón?

  7. IMO: give MKD a new contract. If he can play like this after a year-long injury, he will definitely be an asset next season. And it will be a nice gesture from the club…

  8. Soo Montoya is on but they took Pareja off. Nice goal by Jovetic, great move. Now we’re playing with 10 midfielders which is what Sampaoli wanted all along, making sure he gets his wish before he departs.

  9. The only positive thing out of this humiliation is that MKD ran 10.5 km before being subbed off. Pretty sure this is more than Krane over 2-3 matches combined, or at least it gives that kind of feeling. Won’t even go to the extreme difference in skills, movement and vision. MKD is Messi to Krane, and as Niller suggested, it would be good to at least consider extending for 1 more season with him. The ability of a player to run 10.5 km and play this well after a 1+ year long time out of the field due to a serious injury, it is close to a miracle.

    Oh and props to Depor for holding out Villarreal to a draw and hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. They both mathematically secured their La Liga survival and the 4th place for us. Many thanks!

  10. At least the boys made that 2nd half worth watching. But what has been the case with this team of late, they just capitulated. I agree with the sentiment here, MKD was great today, especially in that 2nd half. It was like we finally found another competent player to play alongside N’Zonzi, sorta like a Nasri / Kiyotake replacement.

    Jovetic finally got his goal. The buildup kinda looked similar to Coke’s 1st goal vs Liverpool last year. The catalyst in both goals is Vitolo, who I constantly pray for to stay. But we all know such prayers don’t always get answered for us Sevillistas.

    At the end of the day, we have reached our goal. I recently heard a saying that it’s the hope that kills you. Perhaps that’s why we still feel sour about what transpired this season.

  11. Game was on in the wee hours so I had to look for highlights.

    The first goal was a disgrace, I’m perfectly fine if one of the scum score from a direct freekick but that was just hitting below the belt. The ref simply giving them the goal was just as disgusting, sums the team up really.

    Second goal was just ugh, I don’t want to see Krane in a Sevilla shirt ever again, absolutely calamitous and had no awareness of rm players around him. I thought Fazio’s string of horrendous performances last season would be one for the ages but Krane is making us forgive and forget Fazio with ease. Montoya hasn’t played much since joining us in Jan but he can’t be THAT bad, if he is then simply find another player. Krycho hasn’t played in ages for PSG so maybe we can loan him back.

    I was impressed with Correra who might have been a bit full of himself but given his age it’s understandable. Vitolo and Jovetic played well with the latter just lacking a bit of luck by hitting both the post and the bar or he’ll be on a hat trick and we’ll be singing his praises here, he does show up in big games (save for the Leicester collapse) and we should pick up his option, thing is he plays better with another striker on the pitch to help out, WBY is the obvious choice but he gets left out again.

    MKD played well and has a role to play next season not as a full time starter but as someone who comes on on around 60 mins and strings the midfield together and have a calming influence, a 1 year contract won’t be too outlandish and if he feels it’s too much he can always go back to Denmark after that contract ends.

    All in all, no one would care that we were missing 5 key first team players and played with no real fullbacks, the plastic fans will be in full force praising Nacho’s “tactical awareness” and how Ronaldo is god in a showcase of his tap-tin skills, especially so in Asia but I’ve sort of gotten used to these people who only follow the big teams. I’ve never really been a fan of Juventus as they just poach all the talent in their same league and use them to sweep their previous teams but I will fully support them in the CL final, seeing Real win both the league and champions league would just leave a bad taste in the mouth, for a year.

  12. Watching Celta vs. RM, 0-1 HT with a lucky flick from Cristina.

    If Berizzo comes to Sevilla, he should definitely bring Roncaglia with him. That guy is rock solid in defense and he has played very well in both matches vs. Man Utd in EL too.

    Today so far at HT, Roncaglia had 10 interceptions (official stat), while most of them were crucial ones inside the box.

    Wass is nothing special, though runs a lot, and Cabral is also good, but no one compares to the importance of Roncaglia at Celta in my opinion. Sisto is just a spoiled kid trying to do something with the ball.

  13. As relegation has been decided and Levante securing promotion.. Girona seem all but confirmed to make the step up.. The race is on for the final six before the play offs begin.

    Who do you think will make it? Anyone you would like to see in la Liga next season?

    Personally I’d be happy with fellow Andalusian Cadiz replace the fallen Granada. Or Tenerife as I have fond memories of that place.

    Also worth nothing our segunda side sit solidly in the top 10.. Currently 9th so well done to those boys also!

  14. Do you want to see Sampaoli on the bench on Sunday? I kind of wish that Castro would suspend him for being a dick, but I’m not sure how that would hurt our position in case of a buy out.

  15. As much as i am over Sampaoli and want him gone, I think he should be on the bench for the final game. He is the manager and no matter what the manager should be there. Definitely cant wait to see the back of him after that, I think someone said when we first got Sampaoli, maybe ShendM? that he has a reputation for being like this and its his biggest downfall. 100% correct. he has no morals or respect. We could have done something great this season…

    1. Around October-November, there was an article in Spanish (Latin America) about the case of Claudio Borghi, where he lumped down on Sampaoli’s character and manners because of the negotiations behind his back, while he still had a couple of years of contract with Chile.

      That was a red flag initially, then around January it got published in English because I think Borghi spoke out again, and at that time the doubts were sky high, especially with the links and rumors for Barcelona and Argentina NT.

      I think that by the second half of the season, Sampaoli also realized that he is not suited for a club coach position, rather a NT coach and his dream was to manage Messi while he’s still active.

      Good riddance for us and hopefully soon we’ll sign a serious manager who will be 100% committed to the club and give his all for Sevilla.

  16. Also Chris i remember you posting one time about the audience of this site? Been wondering if that has changed at all? If we are getting more people visiting from different countries? Surely would give a good indication of Sevilla expanding into the worldwide market, especially Asia.

  17. Sampaoli made the first official call-up as the new coach of Argentina NT.

    Not much surprising to see only 3 CB’s called up, with Mascherano being the 4th, but masked in the DM spot.

    Mercado and Correa called up from Sevilla. Correa will have a bright future with Argentina’s NT as long as Sampaoli is there.

    Wondering why his favorite player at Sevilla, the super-star Kranevitter hasn’t made the list?

  18. When Sampaoli was announced as our new coach I must admit to being a little worried as I had never heard of him. But during the 1st half of the season I really grew to like the crazy little guy and his animated touch line antics. He clearly loves the game and puts his heart & soul into the job. Admittedly things did not go as well during the 2nd half of the campaign and some folks were quick to start criticising his tactics, I feel that some of his team selections were a little strange at times, but overall he did ok and would have no doubt learned from his 1st season in La liga and given us many more nights to remember had he chosen to stay on.

    However once Argentina came calling there was only going to be one outcome and who can blame him for accepting the chance of coaching his national team in the world cup?

    I wish him all the best for the future and thanks for some great memories at the RSP. My best ever was being there to see the win against R Madrid 2-1 and that 1st game against Espanyol was a close second.

    Whoever we get to replace Sampaoli I just hope it’s not some guy who just sits/ stands like a statue with his arms folded, Give me a coach like Emery or Sampaoli any day

    Have a great summer fellow Monchis.

    1. Hey Brian. I think we are all on the same page. We loved his attitude, his passion; hated some of his selections and despised that he was trying to get the Barca job or the Argentina job from day one. I hope we continue getting a coach with passion. It fits in well with the Andalucian life style.

  19. Thanks for that Chris. Would be good if Sevilla could break into Asia as that’s a huge market. Unfortunately they are big club followers like most of the world. Haha ShendM alone hits 4th. Thats commitment