Real Madrid – Sevilla Match Comments

Ah, the final stretch of the season: points get tighter, stakes are higher, important games are played simultaneously…and those games somehow always manage to be played while I’m celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom. Sigh, c’est la vie.


A couple months ago, this game was going to be a crucial, title-deciding game, the head-to-head possibly being decisive at season’s end in determining the eventual champion. A month ago, it suddenly looked a lot less exciting, as Sevilla was far adrift of both the hunt for first, and safely distant from a challenge for the last Champion’s League spot. Well, the game is exciting again, for the less-than-great reason that Villarreal is now two games from 4th with two games to go. Sampaoli’s ability to make Sevilla into a thrilling team continues to impress.


As part of the run-up to the game, Aaron sat down with the fine folks at Managing Madrid for a pre-match discussion. That chat has some nice insights (the impact of Sarabia’s absence on Aaron’s perspective in particular is telling!) and should get you in the mood for what should be an engrossing match: two teams with accomplished attacking styles, both needing points to achieve their respective end of season goals, and a strong history of exciting (if contentious) matches in recent years.


I’d be looking forward to watching it all if I weren’t planning to be eating lunch with my mom and very subtly checking the score under the table. Hopefully you’ll be able to see more of it than me, and share your thoughts with the commentariat here! Vamos!!!