Real Madrid – Sevilla Match Comments

Sevilla travels to Madrid riding two impressive streaks: 7 straight games without a loss, and 400+ days without an away league victory. The former streak has seen the team rise from dead last in La Liga a few short weeks ago to, at last match day’s end, 9th place. The latter streak saw the team…fall to last place, and give everyone the kind of perspective that makes 9th place seem like a pretty big deal.

Previous meetings between the two teams have created more than a few memorable moments, some painful (sorry about that banner image–if you can’t recall where it comes from, don’t click that link and be glad), some less so. This installment doesn’t feel likely to produce any particularly happy memories, but it must be said that despite the incredibly long history of travelling woes for Sevilla, this is the least fearsome Madrid has looked in some time. Whether that’s a harbinger of continued struggling for them or us depends entirely, I suppose, on how you describe containers that are exactly halfway full of a substance and otherwise exactly halfway empty.

I’m not sure where I fall on that spectrum today. And of course as usual I would prefer to see Sevilla (and all of la otra liga) just play the B squad against the big 2. But that’s a discussion for another day, so for now let’s fill up the comments section with predicted lineups, arguments about expected tactical wrinkles from Unai, and reminiscances about how much we sort of miss hating Mou on days like this. And with lots of VAMOOOOOOOOOOO.