Real Madrid – Sevilla Copa del Rey Match Comments

Oh, hello there! Welcome back. We’ve missed you.

Sevilla had a pretty damn good 2016, and they’re celebrating by starting off 2017 with a bang: a quick little trip to Madrid to play Zidane’s league-leading troops. Real Madrid haven’t lost in something like 3,497 matches, which is somehow just a few less than Barca’s record, but even with this record on the line, it looks like the team won’t bring their strongest possible squad to the match: Sergio Ramos is expected to miss, as is Cristiano Ronaldo. Sevilla, for their part, are basically full strength.

For all the great stuff Sevilla accomplished in 2016, one thing they didn’t manage was a victory over Florentino Perez’s favorite vanity project, though they did play an extremely entertaining 3–2 loss in the UEFA Super Cup (sad face). Hopefully tomorrow will be the first of many new accomplishments in 2017. Hopefully you’ll all be here to scream the team to victory in the comments section. Hopefully VAMOOOOOOOS!!!

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  1. Just about to board a flight back to Madrid from Tenerife and am pumped for the game tonight! We had a great 2016 but let’s start off 2017 with a bang!

  2. Anything but a win….. nahh… I’d rather have a win in the league against RM and lose both of these mickey mouse cup matches. We can’t care too much about CDR at this point with the league top 3 and CL quarters at stake.

    However, it would be pleasurable to see an entertaining match, while I think Sampaoli and the team won’t disappoint us. The ideal thing would be to have the new signings (if we sign anyone) available to play with us as soon as possible as it will be a hefty January in overall.

    Expecting Sirigu to start tonight, or else he’ll cry in the bench along with his agent who said it is half criminal to keep a goalkeeper of such caliber in the bench… yeah right, Rico is 10 times better at this point.

    Nevertheless, it would be good to show the RM bastards that we’re not a team to joke around and why not even upset them by scoring a goal or two. It is always nice to eliminate RM, but I’d still take a league win against them and lose both of the matches, even with huge results… who cares!


  3. Seems that we sold Kolo and signed Lenglet, only waiting for the medicals of the two to make the deals official.

    City came up with an interesting proposal, offering Nasri and Navas for N’Zonzi. It will be a big drama but hopefully we save these deals for the summer, as currently N’Zonzi is irreplaceable and would harm us a lot if he leaves by any chance.

  4. Basically it’s nasri for nzonzi cause I have money on Navas coming back this summer. He is always destined to return.

    Still agree we must hold onto nzonzi till the summer when we can search high and wide for a suitable replacement. Losing nzonzi now could completely derail our season.

  5. I know fans want trophies but Sevilla have a great opportunity to finish ahead of one of the big 3 this year. I don’t see anybody catching Real Madrid as they are just too deep (you could make an argument they were playing better without CR7) but what a year it would be to finish ahead of Barcelona or Athletico Madrid.

    My hope for Sevilla would be for them to be have a constant champions league presence while playing exciting football. It’s easier to become more of a buying team if you can promise CL matches.

    I would hate for a focus on the CDR to result in injuries and they drop out of the top 4 in the league. If they manage to beat RM today then great but the focus should be on the league and the CL.

    Would fans be happy with a top 3 finish in the league and reaching the final 8 in the CL and no trophies after winning the Europa 3 years in a row?

  6. Interesting lineup:


    Mariano Rami Mercado Escudero

    Iborra – N’Zonzi


    Nasri Vitolo


    Not sure how they will lineup correctly but something like this perhaps. Of course we are left so see what Sampaoli has prepared. However, not having Ben Yedder or Vietto up there is quite surprising to say the least.

    Even a draw would do tonight.


  7. That’s a strong team.

    I get your point Derek. It’s difficult dilemma. A great one to have. In a way going out of the cup to Real Madrid will allow us to focus on league and champions league and maybe lessen injuries and tiredness. However, on flip side winning could strike a psychological blow to real and end their unbeaten streak. Plus give even more confidence to our squad and improve morale and team spirit even further. Fighting in all competitions can help with form and confidence but can also cost us in the bigger comps too.

    This sounds just start of 2007. It same 10 years on. We coming off arguably our best season winning Europa league and high league position with closest we been to Barca and real since then. Even though it still a fairytale we are currently in the title race and it’s one better than 10 years as in champions league knockout season. Everything going rosey, it’s going to be fascinating to see if we can make this the best ever season in history for Sevilla or if the wheels are gonna fall off. Hard to say at moment but it exciting and no team really wants to play us with our current squad and sampaoli as our coach.

  8. Interesting that Ganso & Correa are included in the starting XI. In a way i like it cause it keeps our strikers fresh for an important league match v R. Sociedad. Either way, this should be a fun match.

    ¡Vamos muchachos!

  9. At least the 1st half is ending right in time for the start of happy hour so I have an excuse to stop watching this train wreck

  10. Wow… didn’t expect this total annihilation, but kudos to RM. They totally destroyed us in the first half… which is a shame because they are missing a lot of key players, while we’re only missing Mudo basically, and not sure if he can be considered a key player or not at this point.

    Anyway, hopefully this will serve a lesson to Sampaoli that we simply cannot play without a striker. We can get a few lucky draws like vs. Villarreal earlier in the season and vs. Lyon…. but can’t go longer without being handled like tonight by a RM missing almost half the squad.

    Correa should be sold or loaned out at best… he simply isn’t cut for this team, let alone a starting place in an important match like this. Ganso more or less the same… the guy is almost non-existent in the midfield, and extremely slow…. doubt he can cut it in any La Liga team (mid-table and up at least).

    Iborra… he is our captain and we love him for that…. but if we are to sign another midfielder, we can’t afford to line him up frequently, especially in matches like these vs. big teams.

    Vitolo missed a 100% chance, and out of the 2 other sitters that Correa and Iborra had, this was the most convenient one, with Vitolo having all the time in the world to score however he wants…. yet he decided to mess that chance up.

    3-0 to RM at HT….. not that they didn’t deserve it though. The referee is really getting on my nerves with some stupid calls and the penalty was a dumb thing to do from Mercado, not to mention that the defense was sleeping throughout the match.

    As it seems, no Pareja no party in the defense… and we can’t play with only 2 CB’s… we need 3 there. Hopefully this Lenglet guy will prove to be good as now that Carrico was “secretly” operated in the foot, we will be left with only the new 21 yo guy as a sub when we play with 3 defenders. For once I would test him in either the match vs. Sociedad or the second leg vs. RM… or why not both. Mercado needs some rest as he’s quite out of form… while even though I have a soft spot for Rami, he’s also not in the best form, leaving us with only Pareja as the most solid CB of all… a 32 yo… which is a shame for the younger ones.

    If we can manage to score 1-2 goals by the end of this match and not concede any, we still have some hope left for the return leg… or else, we should be fielding the complete B team and some canteras, and save everything for the La Liga match for the 15th of January. That is the real deal for me, and if we fail that too… then we’re definitely not a serious team. RM are strong of course, but if we can’t at least get a draw in 4 matches with them (including the Uefa Supercup), then we’re not serious and should quit dreaming about top 3.

  11. And here i thought Lahoz was one of the better referees… Their 2nd & 3rd goals shouldn’t have been if the right calls were made. All in all, we’re barely giving Real Madrid a challenge here. They’re deservedly in the lead, and it’s too easy for them. We should have at least 1 goal on the board.

    We could still make this a game in the 2nd half, but do the boys even care at this point? The ref has lost the plot.

  12. The referee has been terrible.. dishing out soft yellows to us and letting real get away with almost anything. Similar penalty shouts.. one goes with a yellow to us for diving and they get a penalty for theirs?

    Anyways we had our opportunity.. we missed them all… real took theirs and that’s the big difference.

    We need a striker on because these real fans are getting annoying haha

  13. Between Correa, Ganso and Kiyotake that’s like $40 million worth of worthless right? Giving Mudo a pass for now since he’s at least had some good moments this season, but if he keeps declining then that’ll cross the $50 million mark.

    1. Kiyotake has been artificially made worthless… without him deserving that title. Sampaoli messed around with him and it’s a shame that Kranevitter, Correa and Ganso get minutes while he doesn’t get any… a real pity.

      Mudo deserves a pass most definitely. He had phases of brilliance and phases of weakness… but in overall, Mudo is a decent player and he will be a strong asset to the team for as long as he’s here.

      Correa, Ganso, Kranevitter should leave the club asap… no place for them here.

    2. To be honest Kiyotake was not given much of a chance and he did quite well in whatever chance he got in early matches , but Correa, Ganso and Even Vazquez has been below decent so far.

  14. What’s worrying is the second part attitude of the team…. it was like we were leading 3-0 not them… quite quite worrying.

    Lesson learned for Sampaoli… hopefully he took some good notes. Never ever play with no strikers up front. Again a gutless formation from Sampaoli, scared of a humiliation, yet we are humiliated and not even having any real threat up front… that is even worse. I’d accept even a 5-0 defeat, if we played bravely and attacked the hell out of RM. But losing 3-0 and having only 1-2 lucky chances the whole match… that’s pathetic. Out of all the possession we had, Nasri held on to the ball 99% of the time, and he didn’t do much of that control. He couldn’t though… a weak Correa up front didn’t offer anything for the attacking creativity.

    I really hope that after signing Jovetic and any midfielder (fingers crossed), Correa and Ganso are never ever seen around the pitch. Given now we’re eliminated from CDR, I wouldn’t trust them even against Osasuna, literally. Very risky to play with them, they lack the necessary qualities to be a Sevilla player, with the current squad that we have. Iborra also can’t offer anything, but he has flashes of brilliance at times like vs. Celta away, something that Correa, Ganso or let alone Kranevitter, don’t have.

    Still not understanding though how Kranevitter is getting minutes and for instance, Kiyotake is not. I mean, Sampaoli favoring Argentine’s is another thing… but to compare them quality-wise, Kiyotake is miles ahead of Kranevitter in every sense. I really hope Krane gets sent the hell back to AM… he just can’t offer anything here, and I’m 100% sure that we even have better midfielders in Sevilla Atletico.

    Pathetic performance in overall tonight, but it will be alright as long as the team will not get a huge drop on motivation. We need to take the 3 points in Anoeta, though it will be extremely difficult. Sociedad are having the form of their lifes and tonight they squashed Villarreal 3-1 at home… plus it’s cold in San Sebastian, so we should really be at 100% in order to get something from that match.

    Hopefully we can have Jovetic as soon as possible with us, as we can’t rely on the likes of Sarabia anymore. Sarabia is a player designed for a mid-table team not Sevilla, it has to be said. Jovetic is a top class player and can finish the match single-handed, a similar type to Nasri. I’m hearing words from some Inter fans that he is very selfish… but there will be some good medicine for him here at the club. Sevilla is the place where selfish players even turn unselfish and play for the team, or they get out (Deulo being a concrete example).

    I’d say a good riddance that we’re out of CDR. We would still never be able to win it if we’d face Barca, either in knockout or in the final…. so whatever. As long as we do well in the league and not get a similar humiliation like tonight from Leicester, that’s what counts.

  15. Not a good night for us but in the long run I think this is a blessing. We need to focus on league and champions league. Keep players fit, well rested and get those January signings

  16. I actually didn’t think Correa was that bad. He made some good runs and tracked back to win some balls. Of course the bad miss was just that, but he seemed to be the only one with any hustle on the pitch tonight.

  17. That was dissapointing. Sevilla fans were loud and proud unfortunately our team weren’t the same.

    Wow viewing Ganso from the vantage point I had, he’s terrible. Nzonzi wasn’t on today and wasted it a bit more than usual I felt. Nasri likewise but as ShendM said we had nothing on offer upfront.

    What was Sampaoli thinking.. iborra from a free kick?

    The ref was disgraceful but our performance doesn’t warrant a win. Though we probably didn’t deserve to lose 3-0 either. A striker, and one that can actually finish is urgently required.

    It was a full stadium tonight and unfortunately for me.. we couldn’t silent those damn plastic Real fans.

    Atmosphere is way better in the Pizjuan any day of the week. Even 80000 strong can’t sing like a Sevillista.

  18. I do feel a bit like Sampaoli told everyone to play for a draw and put a hold on the game from the start. The players looked that way in movement and were lackluster. Could just be it’s the first game back but from the team setup I’d say it was Sampaoli.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the atmosphere Darren, but a pity we lost in such way.

      It was definitely a strategic mistake of Sampaoli. Whenever we played with gutless formations like this one tonight, we risked being humiliated. We did this vs. Villarreal away, vs. Juve away and vs. Lyon away. We were extremely lucky not to concede in any of those matches… but it doesn’t always mean that we can get out with a lucky clean sheet. It is Real Madrid… a club whose quality of the first team and the second team almost doesn’t have a gap at all.

      Anyway, screw the CDR and let’s focus on the league. Hopefully we won’t get displaced of the top 3 this month or it will be really a huge loss of motivation within the team.

  19. Yet another referee paid off by Florentino Pérez. I wonder what new car he left in tonight? I have seen some strange decisions go R Madrids way over the years but this guy was so blatantly favouring them that surely questions need to be asked.by the LFP.

    But even without his help they would have still beaten us, that was our worst performance of the season, totally outclassed by a R Madrid team fielding 6 or 7 reserves. The only player I feel who deserved any credit is Sergio Rico who managed to keep the score from getting very embarrassing. Let us pray for a better show in the upcoming league game or I might well be leaving at half-time.

  20. I agree with most of what you said , but don’t you think our transfer policy has been focused too much on strikers, wingers and Ams with arrival of Sampaoli? noone is talking about holding midfielders, i don’t think Strikers are the problem , in away matches we hardly create any chances or our midfield has no idea what we are doing . We want physical presence in midfield , a man that can shield the ball and allow Nznonzi to distribute and Nasri to create . Next season Sevilla will have bigger problem if you ask me , we will have tough time selling all mediocre players we bought this season and best of our players are likely to leave. Why on earth Kiyotake doesn’t get time even he was great in his first few matches , but likes of Ganso and Krane get chance aftee chance. Opposition cut our midfield like a knife cut through butter.

  21. Casemiro is another example why any team needs a Dm even if he’s not best dm in the world ,RM are very tough side to beat with him . bring back Kyrchowiak .

  22. Lenglet already signed and everything is official. Jovetic very close to be loaned (with a purchasing option). Not bad… not bad…