Real Madrid Fire Sale–Any Steals Worth Looking At?

It’s become an annual tradition–the geniuses (0r monkeys, or absolute jokes of football…whatever words you feel best describe Florentino Perez and Jorge Valdano) in charge of Real Madrid see something shiny (usually from an international tournament or end-of-the year awards show), just HAVE to be the only kids on the block to have it, and a few absurd piles of money later, they’ve spent way too much and have a poorly planned, completely lopsided team that, unless FIFA begins allowing 15 players on the field, is completely untenable for the actual playing of games. Somehow, every year they seem unable to realize this problem has arisen until the end of the transfer window, when teams know Real has to sell (often at great financial loss) or watch their no-longer-shiny players (ironically less desirable BECAUSE of their last year(s) at Real) devalue immensely on the bench for the latest moving jersey-selling mannequins on the field. This has in the past led to some great deals for teams that lead directly to immediate success for buyers, like Inter and Bayern in the CL final this year. (Incidentally, do you think Perez finds it more painful to not be able to buy the latest world player of the year because he’s blaugrana or because Real JUST SOLD HIM to the eventual CL winners (in their own stadium…oh my gosh it’s almost too delicious to think about how much this must bother him)).

Anyway, the general consensus has Diarra, Gago, Lass, and van der Vart on the auction block this year. I was wondering whether you, the reader, feel that any of these 4 seemed like they could be a worthy addition to our team this year, and at what price. What say ye?