Real Madrid 3-0 Sevilla

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Well, shit. That was frustrating. Sevilla could not summon the grit to keep Madrid off the board for even 10 minutes. Mateu Lahoz and Co. did not need to help them at all today, as the home side were running free as a herd of goal-bound gazelles, but goodness he sure did. Say what you will (indeed, say it in the comments!), but this Madrid team is so locked in even without their usual starting 3 that I’m not surprised Sampaoli decided to play some good ol’ duck-n-pluck. After that first half, though, we had so little pluck from which to manufacture an away goal that we reverted mostly to duck. El Mister also elected to reserve our two in-form strikers for the weekend when we visit Anoeta, so Vietto got 0′ and Ben Yedder 8′.

I know many of us were not too bummed to potentially go out of the Copa, and I’m inclined to feel similarly given our form and aspirations in other competitions this year. I would like to think we’ll perform to a higher standard with our people behind us in the next leg and following that in La Liga. We are going to be so sick of playing this team by then!

Vamooooos (a descansar pa’l fin de semana)!!