Real Betis – Sevilla FC

Er Beti? El Sevilla?

There’s a hard rain’s a gonna fall this weekend over in El Porvenir. It’s the Sevilla derbi!!!!

Four months ago, we all found out that we would have to wait far too long to reignite the Sevilla derbi that’s been on a 3-year hiatus since Betis went down in 2009. We’re juiced about the chance to romp with our mostly friendly again on the same field. Del Nido told players this week to “play this match as if it were the end of the world.” He said, “When this game is over so is your life. Play like that.”

Del Nido does not want to fall victim to a newly promoted and, without boasting, inferior (on paper!) team. If that’s also true for Granada and Rayo matches, how much more is it true for our most important adversary of all.

We should expect an open match with both teams gunning for the goal. Hopefully the ref will not have to be too involved in the goings on but can safely arbiter the rising goal count instead of editing his booking sheet for 90 minutes. I, for one, hold no resentment toward Real Beits Balompié, so let’s just hope for a fun match that renews a reinvigorates desperate for renewal.