Rayo Vallecano vs Sevilla: Preview/Comments

Here we are.  Jornada 25.  And here is our away record in La Liga:  0-7-4.  Honestly, its totally baffling.  I truly don’t understand it.  What’s perhaps most baffling to me about it, is not that we haven’t won.  Sometimes you don’t win but you’ve been unlucky.  You hit the post.  They are given a soft penalty etc.  And maybe we could claim that to be the case in a few of those 11 non-wins.  But for those of us watching the game, its not just misfortune that has led to 4 out of a possible 33 points.  We play like garbage when we leave the Sanchez Pizjuan.

Why?  It’s the same crest on the jersey.  The same squad of players and the same manager.  Some of the blame belongs to Emery who often seems to play extra conservatively in away matches.  His most puzzling team selections are typically away from home against beatable opponents.  But it’s also the players.  They don’t play with the same conviction or confidence as they do at home.  A player who seemed capable of beating the world one week against Barca in the RSP looks lost, timid, or just ineffectual the next week away to Real Sociedad.

I don’t know what to expect.  On the whole, we’ve been doing fantastically well recently.  But we still trail Villreal by 8 points in La Liga, and early signs suggest that Emery is more serious about chasing tournaments than the league.  I don’t personally agree with that prioritization but, for whatever reason, Monchi and Castro haven’t contacted me yet to discuss it.  I’m still waiting for the call.  I’m sure its coming.

Rayo aren’t having much of a season.  They are just three points above relegation.  But they have claimed 9 of their last 15 possible points.

I’ll say 2-2.  Goals for Gameiro and N’zonzi.  Red card for Diogo (gives us the Fazio re-debut special!).

Last away match I confidently predicted an away win at Atletico and you defied me.  So go ahead and defy me again this time.  Win this damn game.

Here’s the team list: Sergio Rico, David Soria, Coke, Rami, Kolo, Fazio, Carriço, Trémoulinas, Cristóforo, N’Zonzi, Banega, Krohn-Dehli, Vitolo, Reyes, Konoplyanka, Iborra, Juan Muñoz, Gameiro and Llorente.