Racing – Sevilla Match Comments

Earlier this week, Cáceres aired his dissatisfaction with the decreased amount of playing time he’s seen since Manzano’s arrival by suggesting that the coach only plays his “friends”. If that were true it might have made more sense for Cáceres to buy the mister a fruit basket or invite him over to a Super Bowl party, because it seems Manzano didn’t decide to befriend anyone on the strength of that comment and now Cáceres is sitting at home instead of traveling to take on Racing in Santander today.

Also missing from the list: Zokora, who is in the Ivory Coast attending his dad’s funeral, Kanoute (injury), and Romaric (reason unspecified–hopefully not due to partying). Their absences allow for the arrival of some newer or just rarely seen faces: Cigarini is back in the lineup after spending most of the fall trying to be Sevilla’s worst signing ever, and Rakitic and Medel are both in the 18 and projected to start.

We have lost to Racing three consecutive times in the league, and if we don’t beat these guys today I’ll have to write Sid Lowe and apologize for all the mean things I said about his column this week. (Just kidding, I thought the column was spot on. But I’d like to believe our Racing isn’t our most worthy rival these days.)

Like Zokora, I’m going to be off the roster today attending a funeral, so you guys better REPRESENT for Monchi.