Racing Santander – Sevilla FC Match Comments Post

Based on standings, recent form, and number of times mentioned in “greatest team of all time” debates, this is the easiest of the three games we have left of the schedule. Of course, in addition to showing that Racing haven’t had a great year, the league table also shows that we’re playing a team very much in the relegation battle, which means two very bad things for us:

1. As relegation-threatened teams always do at the end of the season, they will play really hard and go all out, probably producing one of their best performances of the season.

2. As we always do throughout this season, we will play really poorly and walk a lot, probably producing one of our worst performances of the season.

Plus, you know, they beat us last time. No good match preview would be complete without an injury report, so let me just go ahead and copy/paste that part from any such preview this entire season: “Several key players continue to injured. A couple are coming back. One of them is not healthy enough to play and will be re-injured. Three more will be injured in today’s game/warm-up/bus ride.”

At the same time we’re playing (1pm CST), Mallorca will be playing Real Madrid, leaving me with the sports fan’s worst scenario: hoping for a win for the most hated team in the world. What do I do if CR scores the game-winner?!? If the loathing and rejoicing parts of my brain (I think that’s how the brain works) see each other in that moment, my head will probably explode (I’m positive THAT’s how the brain works). I guess I’ll hope Higuain scores a hat-trick and Cristy misses the open net 8 times. And that Sergio Ramos gets a red card in injury time.