Racing 3 – 2 Sevilla

Goodness gracious.  We played (in the last 30 minutes that i saw) really well.  Medel and Rakitic are totally the real deal.  Well, we can at least say so much about Rakitic, who generated great play after play down the right side with Navas.  The story of the match is:

Racing goal 12′ (could have easily been disallowed for a foul on the scoring player, who clattered through Palóp to gain position on the corner)

Sevilla penalty MISS 17′ (Negredo does not deceive the goalie, who stays home and guesses right)

Racing goal 19′ (Rakitic deflects the ball in from a tight angle off a free kick)

Racing RED CARD 39′ (Christian sent off for a studs-up tackle of Dabo)

Sevilla goal 39′ (Fazio heads home off a free kick from Rakitic)

Sevilla goal 83′ (Luis Fabiano converts the penalty won by Capel)

Racing goal 91′ (Arana makes Palop look like a backup goalie)

It was a crazy game.  Obviously, most of the matches that Iturralde González refs are just that.  These are the three talking points from, 1) “All kinds of erros: Sevilla gifted the three goals, and Racing: two penalties and a red card.  Marcelino’s team came out the victory in this comedy of errors.”  2) “Extreme sacrifice: Racing withstood more than a half without a man and threw everything they had in the way of a Sevilla side that played their entire attacking arsenal.” 3) “Bad day for Negredo: It would be unjust to say he played poorly, because he was very active and always played hard, but he missed a penalty and hit the post on another chance.”

That’s it!  We lost and kinda didn’t deserve to win.  I’d say we deserved a tie, but I didn’t see the first half.  Great HD highlights: