Quiniela, Jornada 5

1. Zaragoza-Osasuna                            ->               X

Manolo Jimenez’s side find the home form that propelled them out of the relegation spots at the end of last season to score early, however, Osasuna’s desperation ties it late off a set piece. 1-1.

2. Celta-Getafe                                      ->                 1

The Galicians get a convincing win over a team still thinking about its games against the two Spanish giants. 2-0.

3. Betis-Espanyol                                ->                 1

Betis gives there fan a much better performance than against Rayo. 3-1.

4. Barcelona-Granada                        ->                1

Granada is a better team then their points demonstrate. That and Barca looks like they have serious issues in the back line with the injuries of Puyol and Pique. However, I simply don’t see Granada going into the Camp Nou and winning. Granada goes up, but Messi is, well, too much Messi. 2-1.

5. Mallorca-Valencia                               ->             1

To me, the game of the week. I am completely sold on Mallorca and everything that Joaquin Caparros stands for. A lot of underrated players on Mallorca’s squad.  Valencia continues their poor form. 1-0.

6. Levante-Real Sociedad                     ->              X

Levante will be distracted by European competition. Real Sociedad play a good game and deserve to win, but the game ends in a draw. 2-2.

7. Atletico Madrid-Valladolid             ->               1

Atletico Madrid is in my opinion the third best team in Spain. Simeone appears to be focusing on La Liga as evidenced by the B squad he took to the Europa League fixture this week. 3-1.

8. Athletic-Malaga                                  ->               1

Malaga have proved many doubters wrong, including me. The good form has to slow down eventually though. Llorente’s brace gets the win. 2-1.

9. Rayo-Real Madrid                            ->                2

Real Madrid won’t drop points for a while. The Man City game gives them new airs. Rayo too many deficiencies in the back. 1-4.

10. Deportivo-Sevilla                          ->                 2

Last but not least our Sevilla game. Sevilla has the momentum after the Real Madrid game, and now with the defensive security of Maduro, play a good game. Rakitic, with his new freedom to attack scores his first goal of the season and assists the second. 0-2.