Quick update, Training, Wednesday 19th September

[Here’s a nice, little update by Tim of messioronaldo.com, who went to visit Sevilla’s training session yesterday morning and afternoon at 10 and 6pm at la Ciudad Deportiva just outside of town.]

No press conference.


Botía, Cala, Campaña, Diego López, F. Navarro, Fazio, Hervás, Jesus Navas, Kondogbia, Luna, Maduro, Medel, Palop, Rakitic, Spahic, Trochowski.


Perotti, Manu Del Moral, Babá, Rabello, Cicinho, Coke, Negredo, Reyes, Bernado.

With about fifty spectators in the Ciudad Deportivo, three professional camera teams from local TV and a change towards more humid conditions, a very intense session for both goalies while for the players no ball work, just sprint variations and circuits of the pitch.

A group of defensive players (Botía, Medel, Maduro, Spahic and Kondogbia) did slow circuits of the pitch – while Fazio was participating in the sprints with Cala, Navas, Rakitic, Campaña and Trochowski. Navas did a few sprints before disappearing and was soon followed by Fazio. While Cala, Campaña, Trocho and Raki continued and did a full hour of sprint training.

In the sprints, Fernando Navarro was impressive. I’m told that in a straight sprint, Perotti is faster than Navas but unfortunately Perotti is still not ready and despite his statements yesterday, I doubt he will play in La Coruña.

The goalkeeping session (Palop and López) consisted of the goalkeepers taking turns receiving the ball to feet, clearing by shooting at a practice net to the left, then retreating to make a rapid save to his right. This went on for a full hour, very intensive. Palop gave the impression that he is still at the very top of his game, saving almost everything that was remotely saveable.

Enjoy some pictures after the jump!

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