PSG – Sevilla Match Comments

With some of our best players injured, in the freezing cold and snow, coming off two incredibly disappointing losses, and really a month since we last looked good against first division competition, Sevilla trudges to Paris and into three weeks of hell before Christmas break. On the one hand, this is a pretty ugly low point for the team, and I’ve gone beyond nervous int0 some calm (or possibly resigned) state of mind where I feel more or less prepared for the worst. On the other hand, as we like to repeat ad nauseam around here Sevilla tends to raise their level for big games and big opponents. So, focusing on the Valencia and Atleti results (and not the Barca one), let’s hope for a result that we’ll all look back on as the one that turned our season around and really got us back on track.


As far as the table goes, this game is definitely not must-win, as we are currently top of our group with nine points, one ahead of PSG and four ahead of Dortmund. However, a victory today would clinch advancement and top spot in the group AND do wonders for stopping this weird free-fall we’re currently experiencing as well as give us a positive result and perhaps some momentum as we head to a weekend game against the very impressive Villareal (who themselves host Dinamo Zagreb today). A win today and a positive result at their house on the weekend, and suddenly we’re heading into a match against Almeria looking at a 3 game unbeaten (or possibly winning?) streak. See how easy coaching is? The solution to losing is not losing, and also winning. I’ll take my coach’s salary now, Del Nido.


Anyway, Capel is back, and I assume the international man of mystery playing in goal for PSG is as well. It’d be nice to save all the passport checking nonsense by just WINNING and leaving it at that, don’t you think? Game’s at 1ET. I’ll be here for the first half, but then this being the last week of school will probably compel me to leave and attend a review class.