Proposed TV Revenue Distribution


The proposed system for splitting up the TV revenue in 2014 has come down to us in the form of this swanky table, which should probably get its own TV rights contract based on how much face time it will get around the media-mill. It shows that what the G-12 are asking for, unlike what has been reported by some  bloggers, is an equal distribution of only 1/3 of the TV revenue, shown in the first column (1). The second column (2) is determined by league performance and is the only column sorted in order from biggest cut to smallest. You can see that CL teams make more than EL teams, but that 5th place also makes more than 7th place. Finally, some incentive to try in the final week for the teams finishing in the safe zone! The third column (3) shows the distribution according to TV audience, which sees RM/Barca hauling the biggest chunk based on what we already knew: people like to watch them, either out of genuine fandom or the hope that they will fall. The fourth column (4) totals the previous three into a domestic revenue package, followed by international revenue in the fifth column (5).

Proposing RM/Barca reduce their TV income willingly from the absurdly high 140M to a more modest 63.5M is going to be like Obama trying to get anything done in office, but…it could still happen by 2014.

Finally, lest you think we only talk about TV revenue here at MM, take a look at Jeremy’s editorial about the signing of Alvaro Negredo this off-season. It is important, and the big Vallecano is getting lots of positive press so far this year.

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