Postgame Discussion: Sevilla Win Big in Europa 1-3

Jolazo had a great post game wrap up that I think deserves it’s own post. This game was exciting, hard fought, and the outcome was outstanding! Carrying three away goals back to the RSP is a huge advantage. Side note, Vitolo scored the fastest goal in Europa League history today when he scored in the 14th second. Here’s Jolazo’s post:

The best performance of the season. All credit to Emery for a fantastic game plan.

  • Sergio Rico- Immense. At least 5 incredible saves. The double save in stoppage time was the pick of the lot. Had a beautiful throw to spring a counter in the 1st half.
  • Diogo – Didn’t get forward much, and was shaky defensively in the 1st half, but avoided making the stupid mistake that he’s been doing too much this season.
  • Pareja – His set pieces were the difference. Looked like Rakitic out there. Had issues with Vietto all match, but was great in the air.
  • Carrico – Didn’t put a step wrong. Looked gimpy at times, but was the rock in defense.
  • Tremoulinas – Great assist to Mbia. His crosses are consistently dangerous. And he’s such a threat on the counter. Has some defensive lapses like Diogo.
  • Krycho – Came out super aggressive, got a dumb yellow to miss the next match, and then pretty much disappeared.
  • Mbia – MOTM. An absolute monster. Almost single-handedly beat back Villarreal’s siege in the 1st half. Won everything in the box and kept possession. Awesome goal. I don’t know how he got so much power on that header.
  • Iborra – He’s really made that spot behind the striker his own. Won headers that set up both the 1st and 3rd goals. Was an excellent outlet all game. Worked his ass off. A real captain’s performance.
  • Vidal – He doesn’t get tired. No excuse for missing a golden opportunity in the first half. Did well to cover for Diogo and always got back on defense. Needs to stop talking to ref. It doesn’t help. Got a stupid yellow because of it.
  • Vitolo – Brilliantly took his goal. He’s just a machine on the counter. Looked like he hurt his foot, hopefully nothing serious. He deserves a call-up to the national team.
  • Gameiro – Ran his ass off. Probably provided more defensive cover than Iborra or Vitolo. Should have had an assist on a great pass to Vidal. Scored a great goal off of Iborra’s flick on.