Possible Tactical Options- 4-2-3-1

As we all know the team has been playing the ball out to the wings far too much recently and it has started look like its our only move. Therefore I thought that I would do a post on what other formations and tactics we could use-hopefully all using our current squad but I think for some of these we need to buy an extra DM (lass. diarra seems a good buy) because i don’t trust Duscher and without Squillaci I think we need to start giving Fazio a bigger role in the middle of defence.

So, on to tactics. Firstly I believe we should play with two centerbacks (two from Sqd, Fazio and Ruano) and two fullbacks (I like Dabo on the right and then Konko or Navarro on the left). These fullbacks as we’ve said need to provide more support for our wingers in a 4-4-2  to stop them being isolated. However my first idea to change that is the 4-2-3-1. In this I think that we play with Navas and Capel/Perotti in the same wide positions but to provide support instead of sending in the fullbacks the DMs move up to provide an extra option outside the box for our wingers. The CBs would then push up into the DMs starting positions and the fullbacks pushing inwards slightly and further up the pitch possibly with one moving up if necessary. For this we need DMs with good ball skills which may be where the idea becomes undone. The ‘3’ would be completed by Cigarini or a striker in the middle providing support to other striker (the ‘1’) who is our focal point for goals.

So here is a possible formation, with arrows pointing to where the player move on an attack.

Sorry for the low quality it sort of got worse as I tried to find a file type to save it in. Just to explain why the Second Striker has three arrows-it’s to indicate that he has a freer role and just moves into space to receive the pass outside the box or gets in the box the look for a goal.

That is the first of a few on possible tactics which I’ve decided to do as a short series so…read and let me know what you think.