Porto v Sevilla Match Comments

I guess someone should post something for this match…  If anyone is writing a real/better last-minute post, feel free to bump this one.  (I’m frantic with work at the moment.)

We had a little hiccup against Celta Vigo.  And it was too bad cus it was a nice opportunity to be really be standing on the heels of Bilbao.  But putting that aside, we should be headed to Portugal filled with confidence in our team and in our form.

Unfortunately, we may have a number of absences this match (Mbia, Carrico, Fazio) due to a mix of officiating decisions and injuries.  That’s a much weaker center of the pitch without those three then we might otherwise like.  But who the hell cares!  Let’s just go crush these chumps!

I’d say something intelligent about Porto, but I don’t really know anything about them besides that they have some top level players (Bacca’s direct competitor for the starting striker spot in Colombia for one), but are generally having a mixed season in their domestic league.

So lets throw them a bone by helping them focus on their domestic league without the distraction of European competition!


Here’s the squad (eldesmarque’s prediction of a starting 11):

Beto; Coke, Pareja, Fernando Navarro, Alberto Moreno; Iborra, Rakitic; Diogo, Marin, Reyes; Carlos Bacca.

Suplentes: Javi Varas; Cicinho, Luismi, Trochowski, Jairo, Vitolo, Gameiro.