Poll: Summer Posts?

Back in May I had big summer plans for Monchi’s Men. I was going to write posts so full of insight, analysis, keen observations, and biting humor that (I figured) the site would be an early favorite for 2012 Pulitzer Prizes. Comments would regularly use the word “epic”. Mothers and children would weep, moved beyond words.

But then a funny thing happened: the sun came out, school got busy, and I lucked into a trip to Europe. My summer got really fun, and my blog plans got really forgotten. But not forgotten forever! The list of post ideas I’ve kept feels a little overwhelming, so rather than try to get to them at all, I thought I’d solicit some reader feedback and see which topics sound most interesting. Here are the ideas I was thinking of writing:

  • A comparison of the competitiveness of the major European leagues. There will be charts. Oh yes, there will be charts. Also: numbers, tables, and graphs.
  • The post-season autopsy: a comparison of Sevilla’s performance against teams at various table position. How did we do against top 5 teams? Bottom 7 teams? Etc.
  • Comparison of Sevilla’s 2010-11 season with previous campaigns in the last decade. (This would be a mostly stats post: GD, W/L/D, etc.)
  • Sevilla’s transfer history: in the last 10 years, key sales, key purchases, financial comparison to other teams, etc
What say ye, blog readers? Which topics sound most interesting? Because I’m feeling generous, I’m letting you pick TWO choices! Also, of course if you have better ideas, you should write that post or request it in the comments.