Player transfer poll: Negredo

For many fans, the summer transfer season, with all the speculation, new faces, and excitement it can bring, offers almost as much drama and intrigue as the regular season. Historically this has not been the case at Sevilla, where the story is usually about who’s leaving rather than who’s arriving. This season is unfortunately not much different: while the biggest arrival to the first team at the end of the summer will probably be last year’s acquisition Bryan Rabello, at this point the list of possible departures is staggering and a bit frightening: Navas, Negredo, Kondogbia…the list goes on and seems to include every key player. So the question seems not to be if we’ll sell, but whom, and for how much.

To that end, I thought it’d be interesting to get a feel around these parts for how much everyone thinks the club ought to sell some of its biggest stars. Today we start with Negredo, and throughout the next couple of weeks we’ll follow up with other key players. Now, obviously it’d be great if we could sell all of our players for eleventy billion dollars each, and buy a Messi cloning factory with the proceeds (just kidding; have you seen what happens to Messi’s attacking teammates? One Messi per team, guys). This is a poll about the actual amount, bounded by actual reality, you’d be willing to sell these players. So click an option, and share your reasoning in the comments, or suggest who we should buy to replace him, or how you feel about selling him at all…whatever your thoughts.