In defense of… Sergio Ramos?

OK.  First, if you mock the Biris Norte, you are an idiot.  You will be jeered for every remaining visit you ever have to the RSP, and you deserve that.  So, that’s a big strike against Ramos.  But doesn’t he have a valid frustration?


Sevilla – Real Madrid, Part 3: The Reckoning

One of my least favorite sports cliches is the idea that every important or difficult game is a final. Marca calls today’s game “the first final”, which is just…ugh. But I agree this is the most important of the three matches against Real Madrid in 2017, for both teams: I’m …


CdR: Sevilla – Real Madrid

It’s a complicated time for Real Madrid to visit the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán for this midweek return leg in the Copa del Rey. They won 3-0 at the Bernabéu last week and are riding a run of great form. On the line today is the chance to break Barcelona’s record unbeaten streak …


Debate: Sampaoli v Monchi

Hey guys (or ladies?!) this was coming up in the comments so I wanted to frame it as a question/debate.