Osasuna – Sevilla Preview

Athletic Bilbao, 2 points ahead of us in 5th : lost today. To Depor. Who was in 18th place before the game.

Atlético Madrid, even on points but below us in 6th: lost today. To Racing. Who was in 12th place before the game.

Seriously, Sevilla. Don’t screw this up. The whole universe is aligning. The entire world wants you to succeed. Just go in there, beat a team you can definitely beat, move back into 5th place, and we’ll forget the nastiness from last weekend ever happened. We’ll all move on, and just be happy that you’re back in 5th.

Yes, you’ll have to overcome the injuries to Cáceres, Alexis, Navarro, Navas, Rakitic, and maybe Perotti. Sure, you’re missing over half your starting XI to injury. But you’ll have Bernardo in the list for the first time. More than all those injuries, though, you’ll have to overcome your damn apathy and apparent indifference to the game. Do that, and you can win this game. Do it not, and you’ll grow MY indifference to your team and your results.

But again–if you win, you’ll have 5th place, a point over 6th, 3 over 7th, and at least 4 over 8th.

Just…just win, damn it.