Osasuna 3 – 2 Sevilla

I don’t know how a team comes back from this one after you just came back (today’s first half) from that one, but Sevilla’s gonna have to try.  We get a fairly secure but still relegation-threatened R. Sociedad next weekend before the final big splash in the Cornellà versus Espanyol.

Big ups to Negredo for scoring two goals to give us the (wasted) 0-2 cushion.  Manzano’s experimental lineup that featured a backline of Sánchez-Bernardo-SQD-Dabo that was rent asunder throughout the second half, most notably by left winger Kike Sola.  From all I could see, Bernardo played well, which is a bright spot going forward.

I can’t say that Osasuna didn’t deserve to come back.  We were completely collapsed upon by their great passing and fluid link-ups, often getting into dangerous attacking positions after collecting the ball in their third with one or two passes.  You can see from the highlights that our defense wasn’t necessarily swiss cheese like it has been other times (except maybe the first goal, but before the long ball is played we only had two defenders behind their three attackers. so…poor positioning?), we were simply beaten to balls that were well played into space and made dangerous.

We got two more weeks.  Let’s do it!!!  5th will be ours!