On the Brink of Ascension

All of you may not be aware, but Sevilla Atletico, Sevilla’s youth team, just won its semifinal tie today against Logrones.  After winning the first leg away 0-1 with a Borja Lasso goal, they held on earlier today at home 0-0 to take the tie.  The result puts them into the finals against Hercules Lleida for a chance to move up from the Segunda B where they have been competing this year to the Segunda.

This would be amazing.  Presently, no other La Liga team has a juvenile team playing in the Segunda.  Not Barcelona and their hyped Masia.  Not Real Madrid and their…  well they just buy their players.  Not Atelti, Valencia, or Villareal.  No one.

To be fair, Real Madrid’s youth team made the playoffs but was knocked out by UCAM (who will be promoted).  And Villareal’s B qualified but were knocked out by Logrones.  So we are the only ones left.

This says great things about less high visibility parts of the great work that Monchi and the overall sporting department do.  Identifying youth talent and bringing them in (note to Real Madrid and Barcelona, we do not engage in human trafficking to bring in young talent from abroad).  And then developing that talent.

I’m sure others are more familiar with the youth players than I am, but to have the young guys playing in the Segunda would be both a huge challenge to them and likely a huge boost to their development as they play against much stiffer competition than they have seen in the Segunda B.

Of course, they have only qualified for the final.  Almost undoubtedly, my mockery of Real Madrid will result in a karmic payback as we get destroyed by Hercules Lleida in the final…  But at the moment, our team appears to be playing very well and is on the brink of doing something great.  It’s worth paying attention.  I’m not sure when the finals will be scheduled but I’m sure we’ll post it here when we’ve found out.


PS. Is it just me or does Borja Lasso look just a little like Keanu Reaves?