On a Personal Note… (Site News)

It’s always been a dark secret of mine, but finally it’s time to come clean: in addition to my life here as full-time post-writer and general rabble-rouser, I’ve been pursing a second career the last several years. This weekend I moved to a new city (which has brought the venerable Monchi’s Men Chicago offices to a close), and by the time I’ve unpacked and sorted out my internet access, I will have started a long-term, super time-consuming job which will considerably limit the amount of free time I can spend around these parts.

If you’re a casual reader of this blog, you probably won’t notice much difference, as the other writers here will certainly continue to create great content for you to stop by and read and hopefully comment on. But if you’re part of the community of regulars, I wanted to explain my decreased presence around here in advance. I’ll still be reading and sometimes posting, but I’ll definitely see way fewer games and be writing a lot fewer articles. So this isn’t goodbye or anything, just a head’s up that the 2000 word rants and constant comments won’t be coming nearly as often from me.

Vamos mi Sevilla, and vamos Monchi’s Men!!!!