Old and New

I saw this picture posted on orgullodenervion.  I think the article was just saying that the team was already in Hamburg or something.  But what jumped out at me was that it was a big group of returning players without any of the new guys in it.

Of course, friendships take time to develop etc and these guys now know each other really well.  But it was just a reminder of how much cycling in and out eight players undoubtedly must really change the social dynamic on a team.  I also hope it isn’t a sign of any real clique-ing taking place and that people are, in general getting along.

And yet, of course the old guys will probably be seen as Emery’s or Monchi’s guys.  And the newer incorporations seem really clearly to be Sampaoli’s guys.

Anyway, just something I noticed and thought was interesting.  Later I’m hoping to write a more involved post about the roster and tenure of each player at Sevilla.