Offseason Update/Analysis

Current Sevilla Transfer Situation

Let me turn shendm’s great comment into a full post (thanks shendm!):

Ok, let’s recap the current situation of the summer window saga:


Vidal (Barca)

M’bia (Trabzonspor)

Deulo (back from loan to Barca),

Aspas (signed him at Sevilla then loaned him or sold him to Celta right away, I still don’t fully understand this deal and the prices included in it somehow confuse me)

Barbosa (Contract rescinded)


Michael Krohn-Dehli (Free agent)

So there we have it, 5 departures and only 1 signing, for free. Barbosa will surely be replaced by David Soria as the third keeper, with Rico and Beto competing for the first spot.

The midfield will be chaotic if Krycho leaves. We have been linked to Prince Oniangue of Stade Reims and he resembles Mbia’s playing style a lot, so we might as well need him for the DM role alongside Krycho, with MKD being a back up.

Reyes renewed, great news… since now we kinda have a backup for Vidal’s departure, while we’re still not sure whether Diogo will be with us for the next season. Also it’s a bit of an issue for the right flank since Reyes is not the type to break through in the flank and provide crosses and such, as he prefers operating more in the middle and not that much from the flank, so he might as well be used as an AM in certain matches. We NEED, I repeat and emphasize, NEED to sign a decent flanker that can play in both right and left flanks, and that would be…. KONOPLYANKA! Sign that man already! I know Monchi is trying hard, but even if it means a decent salary, then provide it for hell’s sake… we are in CL group stages and aspiring for top 4 next season! Do what it takes!!!

As mentioned before, the crucial point will be keeping Banega and Krycho, fingers crosses, or the team falls apart… simply, no replacement for them in the market, or at least to those that we are linked with at the moment.

Bacca will probably leave (Roma as the most probable destination), and we should at least keep Gameiro, so we can sign the one we’re linked with, Diego Rolan… we NEED a striker like him if Bacca leaves… or even if only Gameiro leaves. As for the third strike… dunno… maybe bring Baba Diawara back? Not bad for a third option anyway.

As for the left flank, Vitolo is giving a lot of interviews lately and getting all the praise and such, having a lot of minutes in Spain NT… while he is saying that being at Sevilla is a privilege for him. I doubt he will leave, at least not until next summer. We will need him for the left flank, and with Tremoulinas stepping up his game, they could form a deadly tandem.

As for the defensive flanks, for my point of view at least, Tremo/Navarro for the left would be good to stay so, and Coke/Diogo for the right also. In case Diogo leaves, we have to sign Jonny Castro of Celta… he is a quality RB, but I found out that he can also play at LB given the opportunity, so why not.

As for the center defensive part, Carrico is being praised as the “new Pepe” in Portugal, and he will probably stay with us for at least another season. While we also expect Nico to make a fast recovery and help us in the CB role, we seriously cannot risk with Kolo only as a pair to Carrico. Kolo should be a back up in that position and we need to sign a proper CB. Surprisingly enough, we are not linked to any CB’s at the moment, which is a pity.

So there you have it folks, my analysis and summing up of the summer transfer window so far.

As every other Sevillista, I’m hoping for the best outcome out of this window, as we really have a lot to play for in the next season, and we need to show the world that we are not only an Europa League / 5th place La Liga team. The quest for a Super-Sevilla will start from the winning of UEFA Super Cup against Barca in Tbilisi on 11th of August. It will be tough of course, but if we make the right decisions as mentioned above, we can most probably do it… why not?