Off Topic: UCL Rule Change a Gift to the Weak EPL

Starting next season, the top four leagues (Spain, Germany, Italy, and England) will all get four guaranteed CL spots (no playoffs).

Up until now, the rule had been that the top three ranked leagues each got three direct group stage qualifications plus one playoff qualifier.  Whereas the fourth league would get only two direct group entrants and one playoff qualifier.

Of course, there are lots of reasons this happened.  But maybe the most glaring is that West Ham were unable to defeat Astra Giurgiu from Romania and therefore failed to qualify for the Europa League group stages whereas Sassuolo from the Serie A beat Red Star Belgrade and did qualify.

Essentially, this means that there is a high likelihood (though no guarantee) that by the end of this season, the EPL will have fallen to 4th in the UEFA league rankings. And, under the old rules, the EPL would have lost its fourth slot in the Champions League.

It would have been very very hard for EPL blowhards to explain how and why “the greatest league in the world” was only allowed to send three of its incredible teams to the toughest competition in the world.

Even though this will make Champions League qualification slightly easier for Sevilla (breaking into the top 3 in the near future in La Liga is going to be very challenging… though not impossible), count me as slightly disappointed.