Of Reyes and Rayos and Early Sunday Mornings

You may have heard (though not from here…evidently we at Monchi’s Men aren’t the “reporting on transfers” type of blog) that Reyes has officially become a Sevillista once again this week. The history of Sevilla and Reyes is typically Sevillano and typically the opposite of the big boy clubs: instead of selling a home-grown player low and then buying him back high at the height of his hype, Sevilla sold their hometown hero at top value to Arsenal (10.5 million pounds in 2003) and have now bought him back at a relatively low cost (a reported 3.5 million euros). Of course the flip-side of that frugality is that we are getting a player who at 28 years of age isn’t old but probably is in the second half of his career. I’ll say if we’re buying him for 3.5, it’s probably safe to assume that Del Nido thinks he can get at least twice that for Perotti, who I’m assuming will be on his way out either in January or next summer.


While Reyes may be on the decline or at least in the middle of a rougher patch of form recently for Atletico, he certainly brings a lot of dynamism to the wings and hopefully a goal or two up front. We’ll see about what he can bring to the team tomorrow, as Jesus Navas is injured and not in the 18, and Reyes is on in his place. New signings or no, Navas’ injury particularly stings because he looked great in the second half against Valencia this week, and had me thinking he was back to his sideline charging best from years gone by. He’ll be missed tomorrow, but hopefully Negredo and Kanoute will each score a hat trick in the first 10 minutes and Reyes will have a low-stress debut in which to remind us all of his play as a precocious teenager back in the day.


For the first time (I think?), Sevilla has the ignominious distinction of playing the early morning Sunday game, which means a 3am start time for me since I’m currently encamped in Central Washington. Maybe I’ll wake up to watch along, but more likely I will look forward to waking up and reading about our victorious romp through the suburbs of Madrid. Please do supply us all with comments if you’re up and watching.