Odds and Ends

God, the off season is boring.

Some random bits:

  • Our team is the unproud owner of a number of hooligans.  If anyone can explain to me exactly what went down with the preseason violence and Del Nido’s response, I’d greatly appreciate it.
  • We signed a 19-year-old french guy named Geoffrey Kondogbia for five seasons.  He is a 6’2″ DM who had been playing for Lens and has been playing for all of the French youth teams.  He is another advanced prospect (like Rabello) and seems like a very promising pickup.
  • Piris was jerking us around and then Roma swooped in so Monchi said, “stop wasting our time” and walked away.
  • Escude and Guarente are gone.  Sqd: Thank you for all of your immense contributions to this club and its great history!!!  Guarente: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Otherwise, I’m just bored.  This season really needs to start.