I’m going to ramble for a bit about some things I’ve been thinking.

I’m afraid that letting Adriano go could mean a dip in the form of Perotti/Capel.  Now they don’t have that charging left back behind them, backing them up, and generally offering an equally threatening attacking option on the overlap.  If Perotti and/or Capel are left alone to try to beat two guys (as Perotti often needed to yesterday) because Navarro/Dabo aren’t overlapping, that forces our strikers (as Kanouté did on a couple occasions) to come out wide to support the attack, thereby reducing the number of big heads in the middle that might be getting in on the other end of Perotti’s eventual cross.

Juande Ramos’s teams played so fast down the wing that other teams couldn’t catch them.  I don’t think it’s coincidental that we’ve seen a change in playing style along with a seeming lack of creativity in the last 3 years when we’ve sold our most dangerous back in Alves and now possibly our fastest in Adriano, not to mention a midfield boss/attacker in Keita.

I think it’s pretty clear that we are playing the ball too wide too soon in our attack.  We have no through balls, no diagonal runs – only older bigger body types in the middle trying to get on the end of crosses.  I’m assuming that we signed Koné to be a different kind of striker – one that played off a big target man. But he sucked. Also Acosta is always injured so he’s no good.  It’s just frustrating to watch us put in begging cross after cross and never see any other form of attack even attempted.

Ok, I’m done now.  Go Sevilla.