Now or almost certainly never: Sevilla – Almería Match Comments

Keeping perspective on things by looking at pretty graphs is nice and all, but if we don’t win this game tomorrow, we are going to be making it extremely difficult to salvage anything more from this season than “Hooray! We finished in the top half!” celebrations come May. A win could help us move up the table and hopefully also get some momentum into a Europa campaign-deciding midweek game against Borussia, followed by a certain trip to Madrid next week (hopefully with a healthy Fabiano?), and then a 2010-ending über-rivalry Copa del Rey meeting with Málaga the 22nd. Win two of those, and we’ll go into the holidays not needing any more than the usual Prozac and alcohol to sleep at night (and coffee to stay happy all day). Win three without losing any, and we’ll start 2010 by planning our mini-treble celebrations.


But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, we must win tomorrow. Perotti is injured (because we have to have a new injury for every game. New rules.), but we get Konko and Acosta back. Presumably Romaric and Zokora will be on the roster unless they’re breaking curfew at a Sevillan club as I type this.


Game’s at 2:00 pm ET. My semester is over, so I will be here with bells on. And now that I’m done here I’m going to see Harry Potter at the movies! Yay!