Notes and Preview: Sevilla v. Celta Vigo

Thank goodness La Liga is about to start again.  Our aggravatingly long break will finally come to a close and we can see our team play again soon.

But before mentioning the Vigo match, I’m finding myself bracing for chaos this January.  I think the reverberations of Arsenal getting slapped by Southampton and falling out of European places in the first game of the new year may have implications felt in Sevilla.  Arsenal might prove to be very desperate as the January transfer opens.  Will that make them desperate enough to pay our 30 million Euro release clause on Krychowiak?  I don’t know.  But the rumors will be flying, made only worse by Krycho’s joke saying he already had a deal in place with Arsenal.

Further rumors tie to our strikers.  Bacca, as always, is linked to a number of clubs.  But with Gameiro only getting limited playing time, apparently Marseille and Rennes have both voiced their interest in him as well.  I still don’t have complete confidence in Aspas, although he’s done well with his limited opportunities.  But Emery has seemed unwilling to do much rotation with the strikers.  And should we really keep Gameiro just to battle for backup striker duties?  As always, it comes down to the offer, but with Bacca, Gameiro, and Aspas all fit, its hard to make sense of how to make playing time work.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that FIFA upholding the transfer ban on Barcelona may also have implications for Sevilla.  If they can’t get players from other sources, they’re likely going to be looking for loopholes next summer in their two year loan deal of Denis Suarez.  We are in a position of power with that one.  And I don’t think it will impact anything in January, but certainly worth monitoring as the new year begins.

A last tidbit of news that might have flown under the radar a bit is that Carrico had his contract improved.  This is now the second player we have seen this happen to this season with Bacca being the first.  I think it is really interesting and perhaps is a reflection that the team has learned from the Fazio debacle.  If you dont pay players what they are worth, even if their contract sets a lower agreed upon salary, they will become dissatisfied and ripe for poaching by other teams.  It reflects just how powerful players are in dictating or influencing transfers.  Its an interesting tactical change from the player management side…  They are saying that Vitolo may be the next one due for an upgrade.

Anyway, lets set aside player management, contracts, transfers, and rumors.  Because on Saturday we have three real points to play for against Vigo.  Three possible points that can potentially put us back in the Champions League positions and wash away the bad taste of a dissatisfying match against Eibar.  It would be cool to see Aspas play against his old team (as a sub at least).  And it sounds like they may be missing a few of their key players.  We should be satisfied with nothing less than all three as a result.  In short.  VAMOS!!!