No, we suspend you, disciplinary committee!

I think we can all agree that the LFP is a terribly run organization that has been ruining La Liga by not evolving at all for several years now. Chiefly among its blind spots are TV rights and match scheduling, but it turns out they are terrible at other things as well! Today, the Competition Committee of the LFP thought a thought. Then, they decided a decision: a two match suspension for Medel. Let’s take a look at their report.

“There was no aggression in the strict sense, but rather an argument between two players who brought their heads together.”

Pretty accurate!

“The rival player exaggerated the consequences of the aforementioned argument, acting like he had received a violent head butt, but there was not one.”

Yes, this is true. Yep!

“There is an error on the part of the referee who interpreted the acts.”

I am surprised you are going this far, committee. Now, let’s hear the verdict!

Medel is suspended two matches “for violently approaching another football player.”


Del Nido is pretty confident that this will all end in a Medel yellow card, which is also annoying as hell since that should have been the outcome in the match itself for both players. Del Nido says: the committee’s decision cites an article in the Discipline Code that their own decision negates took place (that’s a confusing sentence because why would you cite a rule that you also negate?). Let me again reiterate that Medel only has himself to blame for having been the type of player he has been for several years, and for mixing it up with others on occasion. His reputation as well as that of The Boy Who Just Wanted to Go Home probably contributed to the red card more than what Mateu saw (which was nothing). Cesc should drop a couple rungs in the ladder of reputable players. We’ll keep tracking how this develops. In the meantime, we refer you back to our previous article on the incident and its ramifications.