Next to go?

In a recent press conference Del Nido has reiterated (as he has before) that Sevilla is a selling club.  And alluded to the likelihood that we will continue to be a selling club regardless of whether we qualify for European competition or not.

My question then is this: Who do we think will be the next player Sevilla sells?  I don’t mean, who will be the next to leave because they haven’t performed to standard.  I mean a guy who has played well and will be sold for the sake of preserving this team’s fiscal viability.

Possible candidates:

  1. Navas
  2. Perotti
  3. Rakitic
  4. Cicinho
  5. Negredo
  6. Navarro
  7. Medel

Others? And a bonus question, how much do you think they will go for?

Scary to think about, but its the reality of being a Sevilla supporter.  Put your answers in the comments.  Cheers.