News and Rumor Roundup: 6/15/16

I just figure we’ll keep things moving along here and give a quick recap of some of the news and rumors swirling around Nervion these days.  I’m too lazy to make links, but if you dig through orgullodenervion and estadiodeportivo that’s pretty much the source of all of my Sevilla FC information.

  1. Emery has left 🙁  Yes.  We’ve already covered this.  But it’s still sad.
  2. Monchi is still here 🙂  We’ve also already covered this here, but its still awesome.  And he’s already putting in work.  He’ll need to think hard about who we have and how they’ve performed, as well as who may leave.
  3. Sampaoli, ex-trainer from Chile seems highly likely to become our next manager, but still ironing out some final details.  Hopefully finished in the next few days.
  4. Leicester seems to be linked to our entire team including N’zonzi, Konoplyanka, and most recently Rami.  I want to like those guys, but if they start stealing our players that love will evaporate quickly.
  5. Rami is kicking ass for France (hence gaining interest from other teams).
  6. Konoplyanka is allegedly playing very well for Ukraine and boosting his own value (and hopefully confidence assuming he stays next season).
  7. Krycho is being all Krycho for Poland.
  8. Even Immobile is in on the fun doing well for Italy.  Apparently Lazio offered 9 million for him.  Personally, I’m not opposed to giving him a chance.  Probably it will depend on Sampaoli at some point. But its nice to know that, at a minimum, we aren’t going to lose much/any money on him.
  9. Barcelona are still interested in Mariano, but a deal would likely involve sending us back Douglas whom many on this site are not enthusiastic about.
  10. Barcelona said they want Gameiro.  Monchi said, “Talk to the 40 million Euro release clause”.
  11. Sevilla Atletico are in the promotion finals which start on the 19th and then finish the 26th.
  12. And as for rumors, we remain linked to Ben Yedder, Vietto, Ben Arfa, Praet, and about a thousand others as well.
  13. One more, apparently Valencia is offering us Diego Alves…  I feel like we’re pretty good with Rico and Soria.  Why would we want him?

So so so much more to come.  Vamos!!