New Shirt Sponsors: Worst Case Scenarios

As you may have heard, our deal with ends this season, and as such in addition to new players and new coaches, the front office in Nervión will be shopping for a new sponsor. Shirt sponsors, of course, are really important to teams and fans alike. The money is obviously a big deal, but a cool brand just makes a great jersey that much better. Conversely, a lame advertiser can not only ruin a jersey, but even impact how you feel about the team. Take for example Barcelona: their fans really got upset about the Qatar Foundation’s 150 million Euro deal, and they pretty much hate their new president for using a shirt sponsorship like a normal, not-més-que-anything team to help fund being one of the highest-spending clubs in the world.  Aaron and Jeremy were talking about possible options, and inspired probably in part by Getafe’s Burger King shirts, they began discussing some of the worst possible sponsors they could think of. Here are some mock-ups:

The color scheme is a match, but...

Now that I think about it, it's kind of weird BP didn't buy someone's jersey and just write "WE'RE SORRY" on it.

I actually like these colors, but we should probably avoid corporations that broke the law until we're sure Del Nido isn't going to jail. At least until then.

Perfect for sweat wiping

Now clumps the turds your team lays on the field for easy removal!

Avoid in-match chaffing!


New fashionable shinguard line coming this Fall!

Don't laugh (too hard)--does this really seem THAT far outside the realm of possibility?

What do you guys think? What would be the worst sponsor you can think of? The best? Who would you like to see?