Moving Forward: Take 3 – Sevilla v Espanyol

Let’s all turn the page.  On a lot of things.

Unfortunately for Sevilla, turning a page means walking right back onto the pitch with Espanyol, the team that just asserted their dominance against us over a two leg embarassment in the Copa.  Maybe dominance is going a bit too far, but they were the deserved victors of the tie.

Despite that, the team needs to refocus and not let this recent stumble turn into a free fall.  We’ll hopefully be aided in that process by Mbia’s return.  But otherwise, I’m not expecting Reyes, Tremoulinas, or Krycho back.  I’m sure the team is emotionally as well as physically drained.  And they need to rally because Espanyol will be coming back to the RSP filled with confidence.

The team really is missing a creative midfielder as far as I can tell.  We are good on the counter attack but have a tough time cracking teams open once they’ve decided to play defensively.  Our dead balls are pretty useless (I miss the Rakitic and Fazio pairing).  And Reyes being out has come at a bad time (though I’m not sure what a good time would’ve been).

Anyway, while disappointed about the CdR, we have plenty to play for still this season.  Alive in Europa.  Just two points behind Valencia for 4th.  Onwards.  And vamos!

I’ll add as an afterthought, I read that Monchi was only allowed 2-3 million for any signing.  This proved not enough to bring in someone who would improve the team.  When we were fully healthy I was  feeling like we didn’t really need to make a move.  Then a cluster of injuries and we were suddenly really thin.  I’m not sure if that was a mess up on management’s part, or if it was just a situation that evolved too quickly to adjust to.  But also, I thought that following on those financial meetings we had more than just 2-3 million in surplus, no?  Anyone else keep closer track of it?