More Tidbits

1) Sevilla won their first pre-season game 9-0 against Unión Deportiva Roteña (they in tercera?).  So, don’t get too excited.  Rodri and Negredo each had two.

2) Kone played well then…  got injured.  My spanish isn’t good enough to be clear on what it was, but it was feared serious, though the team site is saying he’s feeling much better today.  That guy has NO luck.  I hope he’s OK.

3) They named 5 captains (do I understand that right?  really? FIVE?!?! is that normal?): Palop, Escude, Kanoute, Navas, and NEGREDO!

4) Which leads me to Negredo…  Seems like today is the due date for the buyback clause.  Either we have our star striker and newly named captain…  Or 21 million euros.  Id prefer the former.  Especially with the season so close.

5) Del Nido only wants a loan with option to buy deal for Gio, Tottenham want a straight sale.  Unclear if its posturing or hard lines from both sides.  He also said that Sevilla havent even inquired about Jeffren…  So who knows?  Maybe its all just negotiation strategy…  Or maybe we’re really staying put.

6) Alfaro is still with us.  That surprised me.  He scored…  I don’t know what the plan is with him.  A little surprised this isn’t long resolved.  Romaric played as well.

Anyway, just keeping things moving on here.  I’ll be back in school soon and will likely disappear for extended periods of time… But hope everyone’s enjoying the slow summer.