Monchi’s Men: Migration and Name

Alright everyone.  Well, we’ve always intended for this to be a participatory site/community for English speaking Sevilla fans.  It’s been fantastic seeing how rapidly this site has grown and the amazing quality of commenters’ contributions as well as the ever increasing quantity of participants.

We think it may be time to migrate the site to a new location with its own domain name (and hopefully with added features like a discussion board or other such things).  In light of that, maybe it is time to also change the name.  I am a big fan of Monchi (Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo) and part of why I liked this team was seeing how they seemed to find undervalued players and turn them into stars (one of the things I enjoy about rooting for a medium sized team versus a team that just buys the player of the year every year or snatches away stars who emerge on other teams).  But that said, Monchi might not always be with this team, though he has forever given us the club’s best run in history.

How do the rest of you feel about the name “Monchi’s Men”?  It was something I just happened to come up with on an impulse when I first opened this WordPress site and never really thought very hard about how long it would last or whether it was “the perfect name”.  That said, I’ve come to sort of like it and now it has become, to some degree, established.

What do you all think?  Any new name suggestions?  Like the old name?

We would love (with Chris Lail’s help) to get a new site up and running before our first real games of the season begin.

Please put your feedback in the comments.