Monchi’s Men Meets Sevilla FC!!!

Chris will have much more later, but just a quick note to say that Sevilla’s first preseason match got off to a fantastic start (for us!) when the whole traveling band of Monchi’s Men folks got to actually meet many members of the team. Tonight’s game will be more interesting than most pre-match games since it’ll be our first chance to see Sampaoli at the helm, as well as a couple of our new signings. But it will always be special for these interactions:


Pretty cool banner, right?!?


Nothing, just meeting some of our heroes and getting our picture with them, nbd.

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    2. Thanks Edinho. Yeah read about the delay in flashscore…. hope it will start soon as it’s already 2:15 AM here and my eyes have started burning…. damn!

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  1. Word on the street (twitter), the game will start at 11PM EST. I guess that’s 5am for you Shendm?

    1. Damn…. if 11 Pm it will be 5 Am here…. but I hope it will be at 10 Pm so I can at least manage to watch the first half without dying from sleepiness lol.

      Thankfully it’s Sunday tomorrow!

  2. Don’t think there’s any changes to the starting XI:

    David Soria

    Interesting to see if Sampaoli will employ a back-3 at any point. He surely has the players to do so.

    1. Perhaps Sarabia as a winger (even though he’s an AM) and Iborra as an AM (featured a lot in that position by Emery)… Sampaoli already starting to experiment.

      Also, that 3-5-2 would surely be exciting, but that will be more viable when the other reinforcements join the squad.



    Worth staying up late to watch this! Great first 3 minutes! VAMOOOOS!!!

  4. Ok… a bit dull after those first 3 beautiful minutes… but still, I like what I’m seeing so far.

    I’ll be off to sleep, hopefully we keep it up in the second and score 1-2 more to seal this one.


  5. Just saw the video from Sevilla’s twitter feed


    A 3-1 victory also is a nice bonus for the guys who made the trip to FL (or who managed to stay awake to watch online.. I sadly was not able to keep my eyes open for kick off)

  6. First of all congratulation to guys who went to see sevilla live. What was the formation did Sampaoli employ?did Kranevietter play well?

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  7. After looking Sampaoli’s no BS post match comment, you can assure that he’ll be a great coach in sevilla.

    “The first impression is that our team needs a lot of improvement in many aspects… Our main problem is, when we’re in opponent’s half, our players lack cooperation and direction (obviously, bcos no banega)”

    From the signing, it is obviously that Ganso will be our Valdivia (Banega),
    Franco Vazquez (& Vitolo) will be the Alexis Sanchez,
    Gameiro’s pace and positioning really fits Sampaoli like Eduardo Vargas.
    And the most important, Arturo Vidal type player (a CM that good at everything) is not exist ATM, so Roque Mesa may have a high chance to come.

    1. What do you think of Kranevitter? Can he fill in the gap of Krycho at least a bit? From what I’ve seen last night, he was solid, but nothing special and definitely not even near Krycho (he almost always avoided physical duels, which is a no-no for a DM).

      Anyway, Sampaoli praised him in the interview so he should be decent in his eyes. Maybe he will become even better when adapted to the team’s environment, Sampaoli’s style etc.

      1. I thought Kranevitter played well last night. He’s very tidy on the ball, especially in tight spaces, which Krycho wasn’t. Doesn’t really get dragged out of position. Passing was solid for the most part. Definitely doesn’t have Krycho’s physicality, but nobody really does.

    2. I think we will find out more once our new signing are used to the system. This squad looks better than one we had last year. Banega was phenomenal in creating plays while Vazquez is better at providing final chances. Our midfield was very conservative last year , with JS we can expect more fluidity . My only concern is lack of another quality striker .Vietto?

  8. The new boy Correa looks good. Konoplyanka continues to frustrate, however he did score a nice goal. Nothing more, it’s preseason afterall.

  9. Monchis Men continues to punch above its weight. The banner photos with konoplaynka was all over social media. Great job by Chris and the Guys state-side for flying the Sevilla & MM flag! To add a great win for our first pre season game. Lots of positive to take out..

  10. honestly guys, amazing job. looked to be so fun and incredible you got to greet some of the guys.

  11. from a barca lurker, layibi, whose comment accidentally never got approved… bumping it to the top:


    Barca fan here that been lurking around for years. I understand that nowadays it looks like Barca and Real are cheats or whatever. But Barca had to basically ‘work’ very hard over a couple of years to get to this level. There were times where we could have sunken as a big club but the size of the city(like you also mentioned) helped stay afloat. Real has been an ever-present at the top of the richest club lists. Barca was hardly in the top 10 till around the 1990s. On-the-pitch success was a very important factor for how they rose to join the other rich clubs, and the tv deal which was negotiated individually also increased as a result

    The deloitte money league history on wiki only goes back till 1997/98 but you can see barca weren’t even in the top 10 as recent as 2002/03.

    Then next season came ronaldinho and the golden youth generation and we’ve been a mainstay ever since. TV deals continued to increase and football commercialism entered a golden age just around that time as well to increase and it suddenly now looks like this 2 evil empires have always enslaved la liga. The current tv deal scenario developed unpredictably and followed a sequence of unrelated events not like it was some scheme between the 2 evil clubs to deprive the other 18.

    All that said, I support more equal distribution as a fan of la liga. I just don’t like seeing la liga fans that should be knowledgeable about the history of other spanish clubs. Barca did not become a great team initially at the expense of all other 18 teams. I could argue the same for Real even if we go decades back. You mention the importance of city size, why then are you surprised that due to the initial natural progression of events, the biggest cities will likely have more money unless there was a joint agreement.

    Anyways, I’ve also followed Sampaoli since his La U days. La U were called the Barcelona of South America then, I checked them out for a game and I was hypnotized, probably one of my top 3 favourite sides ever. Will be interesting to see if his ideas work out for Sevilla especially considering you guys already had a relatively successful system. Like Monchi said though, things change and its better to be brave.

    1. great post and thanks for contributing. your point about overall revenues historically is well taken, though out of 16 times they did the money league, you were in the top ten for 14 of them…

      and although your arrival as one of the top two teams in la liga may not have been deviously concocted, the stranglehold that barcelona and real have since asserted on the spanish football association and, of course, the tv rights deal was quite obviously not by accident and set the league back as a whole. i really dont see how that is even debatable. id also argue (though now im trolling a little bit) that part of the definition that seems to fall under “work to become a better team” has apparently included the strengthening of la masia by recruiting large numbers of under-aged talent. obviously this is a problem that is not totally unique to barca (RM and Atleti as well) but (fingers crossed) has not been associated with Sevilla up to now.

      really cool that you saw an early sampaoli team play! im coming around to just embracing the new look with almost no idea of what to expect.

      thanks again for stopping by. visit again soon and call us out when we’re full of shit!

  12. Very good post and rebuttal by layibi and rene respectively! As a madridista i can’t argue with the fact that RM has benefitted more than most if not all in la liga. I think it’s one of those dream situations where an institution was successful right from the get go. RM is unique in this regard, so regardless of whatever the case was or could be, it’s hard to argue against RM not becoming a giant in spain and european football. Success attracts money; money doesn’t necessarily attracts success.
    In this new era of tv rights distribution i think more la liga teams will be dining on the top table. La Liga is unique because it has the quality of play and players to go with the hype that other leagues don’t have in abundance. Another thing that sets la liga apart is genuine rivalries because of all the autonomous regions, the effects of the civil war, the cultural passion for the identity of a region.
    La liga has all the selling points! It only needs a good marketing team. What they doing now with La liga World and La liga Promesas is commendable.
    Spain do not have the mega media sports entities like Sky and BT Sports who are willing to pump exorbitant amounts in domestic distribution, so the EPL will probably maintain the domestic tv revenue advantage. However, in terms of international distribution, i think La liga ticks more boxes than any. With continued spanish success in europe, it will be only a matter of time that la liga’s international tv rights revenue will be the most lucrative.
    Vamos la liga! Vamos campeones!

    1. interesting points.

      i’d add two more factors that have an influence too (though in opposite directions potentially).

      1) EPL is helped a lot by being based in an english speaking country.
      2) Brexit could end up really hurting the EPL if the pound permanently depreciates relative to the Euro. will be an important factor in the relative strength of La Liga v. the EPL for the next decade and could undercut the advantage the EPL currently has over La Liga from its huge TV contracts.

  13. Hey guys found this group from Sevilla’s fbook pic of you lads with the Monchi’s Men banner, well played haha. Glad to have found an English speaking group about Sevilla. Just to give you a background of my fandom, I started following Sevilla’s exploits in Europe casually from 2005-2008, but I fell in love with Sevilla in 2010 when I went to a game v. Atletico at the Pizjuan, the fans and the ambiance in the city stole my heart so much that I decided to move to Spain for a year to teach english haha. I’m from Dnipro so the Euro Cup loss last year was devastating, but at the same time if anyone was going to beat us at least it was Sevilla (Juande Ramos helped turn us into a force in Europe) so it came full circle. I went back to Spain for the first time last winter and caught the Juve game at the Pizjuan. Another incredible memory, fantastic game and atmosphere and luckily the chips fell in place just right to be able to defend the title for a 3rd time. Love this city, this club and Monchi’s magic.

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  15. Hey guys, I’ve been analyzing the comments of our mainstay contributors and i conclude that we have the makings of a good Podcast team! What you guys think? Anyone here knows the mechanics of creating a podcast?
    What i have in mind is a podcast about basically what we usually comment on – Sevilla fc and all things La liga.

  16. Apparently bringing Navas home is getting closer! We are said to be offering him similar wages as he is on at Man C. But aiming for a small transfer fee.

    Also we are reported to be after an Ecuadorian striker, I forget the name, that plays for the Copa Libratories finalists.

    Roque Mesa deal seems like it won’t go through.

    1. Guess we really don’t need Roque Mesa if we keep N’Zonzi, Kranevitter and Iborra. Adding to that the fact that Ganso will be converted to a deep midfielder (DM type), we are quite set in that sector.

      Bringing Navas back would be CRAZILY GOOD!…. and I’m not sure about the rumor for the Ecuadorian striker, but if it is by any chance the Colombian striker of the other team, namely Miguel Borja…. then sky will be the limit for this team.

      What I’m currently afraid is that if we manage to sign Vietto, we will consequently end up selling Gameiro and then adding another striker like that Ecuadorian one, who doesn’t have any experience in Europe etc…. then things would be a little bad in the strikers sector.

      There are two scenarios at the moment:

      The best scenario…. keep Gameiro, loan in Vietto (hopefully with a buying option) and sign any of the Copa Libertadores finalists striker as the third striker.

      Or…. the worst scenario…. loan in Vietto (hopefully with a buying option), sell Gameiro and sign any of the Copa Lib. finalists striker as the second striker (very dangerous), and keep Juan Munoz as the third striker, or vice versa, which would still be bad since Munoz will not have the necessary experience to lead us in La Liga or CL for the upcoming season.

      What do you think on this situation fellas?

  17. Hi Geenady welcome to our blog and thank you for your intro. Hope you stick around for a while…

  18. Jose Enrique Angulo is his name. Ecuadorian. Rumoured to be available for €7MIL


    I agree we don’t really need Mesa.

    Also if we keep Gameiro I would be happy to purchase one of these south American prospects, they have potential to repay great dividends and whilst we have a firing Gameiro I’d be OK with that risk. Without Gameiro we have to find a first striker again, whether than be Vietto or someone else and have one of these untried strikersa s backup.

  19. To those that are not aware, we have another friendly in Orlando tonight at 2 AM Spanish time (also my time zone). I will be watching it with the hope that it wont be delayed like the previous match. The weather in Orlando is showing as light thunderstorms and rain, so fingers crossed that the match will start exactly at 2 AM as planned.

    If anyone else will be watching, we can gather here around and shoot a few comments regarding the match, but not limited to that only.

    Will be curious to see if Sampaoli will experiment something else tonight, and also can’t wait to see how Franco will perform.


  20. Will the match against independiente be aired on the La Liga Youtube Channel? That would be great! What’s the avenue ShendM?

  21. The official lineup vs. Santa Fe:


    Coke – Pareja – Kolo – Escudero

    Correa – Kranevitter


    Sarabia – Gameiro – Kono

    Not sure if Kranevitter will be alone as DM, with Franco and Correa playing more advanced as kind of AM’s/CM’s, but maybe Sampaoli is trying Correa where he intends to play Ganso… or something like that at least. Still not the 3-5-2 that we’re used to see in his Chile time, but perhaps we’ll get there one day. He’s still experimenting though and that’s good. This is actually the first in a long time that we have only 1 original DM in the lineup, while having 3 AM’s playing in different pos.

  22. ha! saw all the santa fe flags and was like “wow, looks like the japanese fans of kiyotake really came out strong tonight”… then i realized that was very unlikely.

  23. Well, new boy vazquez looks a bit timid. Maybe he’s got a shy personality and will take him time to adjust to new people around him. I continue to be impressed with other new boy correa. Dani parejo should be thankful we got a disciple of bielsa as coach and not bielsa himself or sir alex. He would be tied up and flogged for that childish behavior.
    Anyway Sevilla fc continues to look promising.

  24. I forgot to mention Konoplyanka. He’s looking good. Maybe if Emery stayed he would have been shipped off. Hopes he repays Monchi’s faith in him this new season.

  25. Some more photos from the weekend guys. I’ll post these here this weekend with a complete run down of the events:


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