Monchi’s Men Guests at Forza Football!

I’m very excited to announce that Aaron and I wrote a guest post over at Forza Football’s fantastic site. In it, we discuss the transfer season and in particular Sevilla’s needs, wish list, and realities. Given how quickly Sevilla has gotten started this off-season, the content was already a bit behind the times in the day between when we wrote it and it was posted (during which time the club signed Diego Lopez and finalized the signing of Rabello), but that’s a good problem to have, instead of having to wait until the end of July for the team to make some moves. We certainly haven’t kept up with all the developments here, but the post there covers a lot of the latest news, so definitely run on over and check out both our article and all the other great content they’ve got on their site.

Anyway, hopefully we’ll have a few updates and retrospectives in the coming weeks, but I know that Aaron and I at least are a bit busy, so don’t hold your breaths. And if you’re a regular commenter who’d like to write something, definitely let us know, or at least keep the comments section popping!