Monchi’s Men 2016-2017 Season Prediction Results

The final numbers are in for the 2016-2017 Season Prediction contest and the winner is Mikesfc with 17 points! Your prize is bragging rights for the next season. 🙂
Thanks Niller for pulling this together!

The real answer is 4th on 72 points.
The real answer is Round of 16.

The real answer is Pablo Sarabia.

The real answer is Salvatore Sirigu.

The real answer is Krycho – 33,60

Real Madrid again 🙁 🙁

Barcelona is the answer

1. Real 2. Barca 3. Atletico 4. Sevilla

17. Leganès 18. Sporting 19. Osasuna 20. Granada

Ben Yedder (18)Sarabia (11) Vietto (10)

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  1. Thanks a lot for this calculating Niller, great job.

    Word to Chris, Darren and Mitoman…. stay away from betting stores/sites or you’ll regret it later.

    Mikesfc, congrats!

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    2. Quite interesting. I will show this to my friends, fans of Bayern, should they ever say that Bayern can beat Sevilla 😛

      Maradona looks quite old on this one, I would give him 40+ years but he was only 32-33 at that point. A pity how with Suker, Maradona and Simeone in the team, we still didn’t manage more than a 7th palce in the 92-93 season.

  3. Banega’s agent confirming a 3 year old deal with Sevilla. Thankfully the PSG initiative has not stopped this great transfer from happening. Banega is 28 and now his remaining ‘good years’ in football will be ours to enjoy (hopefully).

  4. Welcome back Banega. Nolito is close.. We have agreed terms with him just a dispute of the price with manc at the moment

  5. Banega is great news for his return. For me our best ever midfielder. Never seen anyone else run a game like him. Great signing. Just need mbia to replace nzonzi now. Lol

  6. Nice to know Banega is back, next up we need bacca

    Couple of pieces of news coming from England

    Nolito deal stalled over Man C wanting to recoup the 18m they spent on him – Marca

    Apparently Roque Mesa is headed for Swansea, who almost got relegated. The fee is a “measly” 11.5m pounds, we were said to be in for him too but las palmas said they would only let him go for a “big” club, so probably a big club means any club in the premier league.

    Chelsea want vitolo bad and would consider exchanging Zouma or Batshuayi as part of the deal. I’d do it, both are young and have potential to be quality players esp zouma.

    1. Hmm… that would be a quite interesting deal. Zouma is a decent CB and Batshuayi is a decent striker, any of them would do, along with some cash of course.

      Latest rumor is circulating that we are interested in Muniain. Not sure if this is a settling after the negotiations for Nolito stalled, but replacing Vitolo with Muniain is a bit of a joke to be honest. Replacing Vitolo would take BOTH Noltio and Muniain as a backup, not only one of them, and especially not only Muniain.

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  7. Sounds like we are stepping up the chase for Muriel of Sampdoria. We had an offer rejected but we have gone back. A Colombian forward highly touted in Italy having received comparisons in his skills to Ronaldo.. The legendary Brazilian Ronaldo that is.

  8. Germany with an undeserved Confederations Cup triumph. Hats off to Chile for attacking from the 1st minute and applying immense pressure. Germany played with a B squad and needs to be congratulated for that, but if the football Gods were active tonight, the trophy should’ve gone to Chile.

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    1. That is a solid question… so if I understand it correctly, Vitolo will pay with his own money to guarantee a move to Atletico, but will play with Las Palmas until January because of Atletico transferban? I didn’t know he was THAT eager to leave..

      1. Wow… really? What about all those “I am extremely happy in Sevilla” and “Sevilla made me who I am today” etc. talks 1 year ago? Did someone hurt his feelings along the way in the club?

        Never expected this from Vitolo. It would be a real shame and betrayal if he doesn’t at least stay with us until January, even if it means to sacrifice CL play with Atletico in the knockout stages.

      2. meh, they’re all a bunch of bloody mercs, only in for the chance to step onto things greater and leave the club in the dust. Last year it was Banega who took us to court in order to go to Inter Milan for free and now having us pay 9m for his prodigious services (watch this space if he decides to leave again in 2 years) and now it’s Vitolo who said he “was extremely happy in Sevilla” and now would rather take a pay cut to las palmas before heading to Atletico.

        In other news, it’s said we’ve hit a snag in our negotiations with Navas as he wants 3m a year for his services, Nolito news has died down but Everton has signed Sandro, which should open the door for us to sign Muriel. Everton have already spent 90M pounds on 5 players since the end of the season while AC Milan have spent more than 200M euros with the signing of Calhanoglu (!) in spite of not getting a lick of European football for the following season, we need to step up our efforts in the transfer scene.

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      So Atletico still pays us like Barca did for Vidal, but he goes on loan to Las Palmas and he basically takes a pay cut until he’s in Madrid for January? Seems complicated.

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  11. So Vitolo nearly gone to Atletico/Las Palmas and now Iborra almost certain to join Leicester. Ouch… I can understand Iborra though. Probably his last chance for a Premier League-adventure and it didn’t seem like his situation would change that much for the next season regarding minutes on the pitch. He was a fine captain and definitely worthy of a heartfelt goodbye! So long, Iborra! Thank you for everything.

    It looks like yet another transferwindow with key-players leaving. Nzonzi probably the next one to go.

  12. This is why Atletico is a top club and we’re not, after all. Atletico can take our best players every season, while we can’t even take the best players of Valencia (ex. Parejo), let alone any stronger team.

    Not sure how we are going to replace Vitolo.

  13. Iborra to Leicester, official!

    Totally understandable move. Wishing all the best to our captain and Niller is right, this was the last chance for him to make the EPL dream come true. He also had a couple of offers last year but decided to rather stay, not letting the club down.

    Farewell Iborra, you will be missed!

  14. Good luck Iborra all the best. You will be missed.. Always gave the shirt 100%

    Another player that gave his heart and soul leaves. Dissapointed but he deserves it and he gave us some incredible game changing moments.

  15. We’re gonna have serious leadership void without Iborra and Vitolo. Add to that potentially losing Rami, Nzonzi and Carrico and we’re gonna need some guys to step up.

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      Jordan Amavi is rumored to have signed with Sevilla for 7.75 Million pounds. Left back that can play left midfield. 76 rating in Fifa 17 (that’s how I judge my players haha)

  17. Amavi.. Great going forward.. Not so good in defence with his time at Aston Villa. Absolutely highly touted in France before his move to Aston Villa. Still young with plenty of potential but not fully developed