Monchi’s 100th

Today our blog hits a new milestone: this post right here is the 100th post ever! Yay! Confetti showers and champagne for everyone.

I remember two years ago, just as the season was about to start, my enthusiasm for all things Sevilla was at an all-time high. I’d recently discovered theoffside, and Sevilla games were increasingly becoming something I could find somewhere every week. I couldn’t wait for the season, I couldn’t wait for Sevilla, and I couldn’t wait to follow it all online. But that was right about the time Anthony sort of fell off the map, and I found to my great frustration that without a forum to share thoughts and reactions etc with, my enjoyment of La Liga, and enthusiasm for enjoying it, plummeted. Watching sports without community, it turns out, is not a lot different than just watching other people play a game. It takes two to high-five about Negredo’s goal, as the saying (roughly) goes, or “what is the sound of one Sevilla fan typing to nobody about Navas?” as a philosopher once more or less pondered. Whether we stay the size we are now or grow to 100, it’s safe to say 5 is infinitely better than 1.

On that note, and on this grand occasion for the blog, I’d like to say thanks to all of you for being here and keeping the place vibrant and worth visiting. I’d love Sevilla either way, but you guys and this blog make loving the team a lot more fun. So, hooray for the blog, and let’s race on to the next 100 posts!