Monchi, Wenger, and an Introduction

Here at MonchisMen, we’re excited to welcome a new voice to the blog. Alex got in touch with us this past week about contributing to the site, to which we responded: “Yes…right now, please?” We love new voices and perspectives, and Alex’s are no exception (and yours, dear reader, are also no exception!), so make sure you keep an eye on that grey bar above the title–you never know who’ll be writing anymore!

I would like to start my first post off by thanking Aaron and all the other editors for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this blog and ultimately to Sevilla FC.

I decided to write my first post about the clever title for this blog, Monchi’s Men. To people who don’t know a lot about Sevilla FC, the Monchi and Del Nido director/president tandem has changed the course of Sevilla’s history. When Del Nido took over as president, Sevilla not only had immense financial problems, but also on the field problems that saw them even relegated to the Spanish second division. A lot of fans and critics alike have labeled Sevilla as a “selling” club with a negative connotation to it. Whether you buy into this idea or not, the transfer fees  over the past decade have not only saved the club from financial catastrophe, but they have arguably led to the glory years in Europe. And this is where Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo “Monchi” comes in. Monchi, labeled by president Del Nido as “not the best sporting director in the world, but the best sporting director in the universe”, has been instrumental in the buying and selling success of Sevilla in the past ten years. “Buy cheap, sell expensive” has been the motto advanced by Monchi and Sevilla. To grasp his success a little better, let us take a closer look at some of the numbers:

Player name                    Buying Fee (Club)              Selling Fee (Club)

Sergio Ramos                     Free (Youth)                           €27 m. (R Madrid)

Julio Baptista                    €1.75 m. (Sao Paulo)             €24.5 m. (R Madrid)

Dani Alves                         <€1 m. (Bahia)                         €23-30 m. (Barca)

Jose Antonio Reyes            Free (Youth)                            €17 m. (Arsenal)

Adriano Correia                <€1 m. (Coritiba)                   €9.5-13.5 m. (Barca)

Seydou Keita                      <€2 m. (Lens)                          €14 m. (Barca)

Just with these six players Monchi made an approximate profit of €120 million.  Not to mention during these years Sevilla won two Copa del Reys, two UEFA Cups, one European Supercup, and qualified for Europe eight straight seasons. However, lets further explore Del Nido’s comments ranking him the absolute best in the game. I think the only other man who has had similar success at a big club has been Arsene Wenger. Wenger, just to name a few, has bought Van Persie, Anelka, Fabregas, Song, Nasri, and Kolo Toure for a total of approximately £17 million, while selling them for around a whopping £140.

Its up for debate, but I’m certainly glad we have who we have.

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