Monchi til 2020!

In what I consider the team’s most important move this summer, Monchi has extended with the club until 2020!  Amazingly great news.  His previous deal expired in 2017 so this is an extension of three years.  His long-term vision, eye for talent, and general brilliance have brought this team the greatest glory it’s ever experienced.  Ecstatic that we’ll be able to go to bed (or tuck our children in) at night, knowing that Monchi is behind the wheel of this wonderful ship.


In other news, Monchi’s work this off season may be finished.  There’s still a chance we sign a third striker.  Or, if PSG decide to pay Krycho’s buyout clause that would require a quick response.  But otherwise, the bulk of our transactions (hopefully) are finished.  Eight new players in and I think the consensus around the site is that we’re all feeling pretty good about them.  We lost Bacca, Vidal, and Mbia.  And those losses should not be trivialized.  They will be missed.  But incoming are Krohn-Deli, Immobile, Escudero, Mariano, N’zonzi, Konoplyanka, Kakuta, and Rami.  And, money from those sales also went to  improving the stadium and grounds.  Not a bad little transfer season.

Lots of potential debates.  Any of which might deserve their own post, but lets just list a few here to stir the pot a bit:

  1. What should the starting lineup be for the Supercopa?
  2. In general, who is this team’s first choice keeper?
  3. Should Monchi make a signing for a 3rd striker?  Promote Munoz?  Loan Munoz out?
  4. How has our offseason compared to Valencia?  Atletico?  Will we finish fourth this year?

I’m sure we’ll discuss all of these more later, and we need to make predictions for the season, but this can be like our little prediction teaser (which reminds me…  I should look up the predictions from last season.  I totally forgot.  Unless someone else wants to!).