Monchi Speaks

Monchi had a full presser this afternoon over in Nervión, and his comments have been interesting on a variety of topics (via

On Gio: “It’s possible. It’s tough, but possible. I can’t dismiss it fully. Since he still wants to leave Tottenham, we would be negotiating for 50% of his fee.”

On signings in general: “Pandev was a player that I met with twice in Italy when he had his problems with Lazio. He is on the market because he would like to play more. He’s a player that always interested us, but there are always the economic considerations. If we find a signing [this winter], it will happen. If not, it won’t. We believe the squad is strong enough to reach the goals of this season. …There are young players with the U21 team that we are following, but so are other teams. …Other markets of interest are the former Yugoslavian states, where many young players are moving out of to the Bundesliga. Switzerland was the Under-17 champion recently and is also a good market.”

On Luna, Alexis and Luis Alberto: “Luna hasn’t played yet and that is because Fernando Navarro is having an excellent year. He didn’t play the preseason with us, but I know that Marcelino has him in mind. Another player who doesn’t play is Alexis, and that’s because our defense has allowed the second fewest goals in La Liga. Luis Alberto has played, but when you have other starters that are playing well it’s hard to put in others. We can’t put in cantera players just to put them in, we will do it when it is necessary. …Luis Alberto and Luna could go in the winter transfer window, but I don’t see it happening. I can’t give a definitive “no”. If an offer comes in, we always study it, but we are not looking to sell at the moment.”

On Marcelino: “I had met him and knew that he had credentials, but after working with him personally, I can only speak well of him. I don’t know anyone who works as hard as Marcelino. I think he is a person that analyzes things well and never looks for excuses. To correct errors, the best thing is to not dodge the issue. I am working with him happily and I hope it can continue for many years. He is demanding, but more than anything hard working.”

On the RFEF’s interest in signing him to their body: “Truly, there has been nothing there. If this news has come out it’s because somebody heard something, but nothing has been said to me.”

On his critics: The blame resides with Pablo Blanco, who told me that I should always read what the press says. It’s true that I read and watch everything. It doesn’t affect me after all this time if someone says that I made a bad signing, but the lies do bother me because they are deceiving the public. It bothers me to read that Perotti o Fazio cost 10 million euros, because it’s not true. Or to say that we have been meeting with someone if we haven’t been. The famous report of my salary going up, that one hurt a lot, because I’m not here for money.”

We are his men. Full text in Spanish here.